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2013-09-07 2:48 PM

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Subject: BT September-only Promotion

We have our user 'Gear Review' area back online with some pretty cool enhancements. 

Just click on 'Gear' or go to 'Gear' --> 'Reviews' to access.


- 'Browse Reviews' will show the number of people using that gear, the # of reviews and average rating in a new table form.  Columns are sortable
- Each review will show the # of people using, the # of community logged workouts with that gear and the total community hours/miles logged


- Free users: 30% off coupon code for a bronze, silver or gold membership
- Existing BT memberships - 2 month extension of current membership

*Upon review submission, I will send out via your BT inbox (not email) your discount code or verification of membership extension.  This will take anywhere from 24-72 hours after submission to receive notification or code.

**Only one submission per this promotion.

I hope you find this feature better than before to browse and compare reviews!

2013-09-27 9:16 AM
in reply to: Ron


Subject: RE: BT September-only Promotion
Thanks. I can make more reviews on various items if needed.
2013-09-30 8:37 PM
in reply to: Silvia4ecu


Subject: RE: BT September-only Promotion
Ok, how do I do the review?
2013-09-30 9:14 PM
in reply to: fleabird


Subject: RE: BT September-only Promotion
Purchased the Hoka shoes about one month ago. I walked in them first for about a week to get used to them before running. I absolutely love them. I was a little reluctant, especially when I saw them for the first time. They look like platform shoes and they appear to be heavy, but they are extremely light and very very comfortable. I was experiencing hip issues, but after running with these Hoka shoes, I have no pain. Not crazy about the looks of the shoe, but I love running now without pain.
2013-09-30 10:06 PM
in reply to: CindyMik

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Subject: RE: BT September-only Promotion
To submit a review, go to 'Gear' or 'Gear' --> User Reviews' and you will see a 'Submit a review'. (assuming you are logged in)
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