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2013-09-11 9:45 AM

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Subject: Last Try at Rend Lake

Any BT'rs racing this one? I have always thought I would like to but I am typically wore out by October. This year I was lazy at the beginning of the tri season so I feel like I still have one more race left in me. It is such a pretty area, I'd almost just like to go to enjoy the course without worrying about how I finish.

2013-09-13 7:07 PM
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Roselle, IL
Subject: RE: Last Try at Rend Lake
I did it a couple of years ago. Very nice area of the state and you can stay right by the course at a pretty reasonable rate. If memory serves me correctly they had to make some modifications to the swim course because of the waves. The bike was 63 miles, fairly flat, and I think the roads were OK. The run takes you through a path area of the state park and gets somewhat confusing and with an uphill finish. I would do it again but a previous engagement prevents the family from traveling that weekend. It's probably the last time to race for a while so might as well get out there while you can.
2013-09-14 6:24 AM
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Subject: RE: Last Try at Rend Lake
I did it last year and it was an excellent race. There was no up hill finish last year, you run downhill and then it flattens out right before the finish. The bike is for the most part fairly flat with only a few "hills" imoo. That said the run is shaded in certain areas and all on paved trail through the park. The bike is also kinda open in areas and you can get a decent amount of wind. I enjoyed the race and placed first in my age group and took 4th or 5th overall there last year if memory serves me right. There were a couple pro's that came and went 1.2, and then I also had another guy spend 15 miles drafting off me before he went ahead of me and he was third overall I think. I called him out on it and he didn't seem to care. The swim was a tad long and we had to wait for the ambulance/rescue team to get there before the race could start. Two loop swim as well. They used to have a HIM there but last year it was just an Olympic and the other distance...I did the longer of the two. Think it was a mile swim followed by a 42 mile bike and 10k run.

That was my only experience with 3D racing and from what others have told me they put on a heck of a race. If I didn't have to work that day I would be driving down there to race it. Only thing I regret is not bringing a cooler with beer in it at the end. Saw others out that had brought cold refreshments and I was jealous!
2013-09-16 11:32 AM
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Subject: RE: Last Try at Rend Lake
This race has been on my radar as well - but it's a week before the Chicago marathon, so it isn't going to happen for me, sadly.

Next year though
2013-09-21 9:07 AM
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Yorkville, IL
Subject: RE: Last Try at Rend Lake
I'll be going this year,
I have done this race once about 3 years ago and really enjoyed it.
I have not raced for just over a year due to moving and such but really looking forward to getting out there again.
Not too concerned with my time, just looking forward to participating and this is a really nice place to race.
Going to take the family and camp for the weekend, so it is nice it is on a Saturday this time around.
3D does a good job with their events, and this is a nice venue so I would recommend it to anyone.
2013-09-21 9:45 AM
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Subject: RE: Last Try at Rend Lake

Brrr I just rode early this morning and the temps here are cooler again. I kept thinking do I really want to do this all wet AND cold.

Still not registered.....

2013-09-21 10:06 AM
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Yorkville, IL
Subject: RE: Last Try at Rend Lake
Ahh Fall
Dont let the cooler temps decide for you.
I think the race kicks off at 9 this year so it will have the chance to warm up a little.
It was cool last time I did this race, but the water was decent ( and in a wetsuit it was fine)
I wore long sleeves for the bike, run and was not cold at all.
It was a pain trying to wrestle on a long sleeve shirt when wet though!
Still trying to decide if it will be worth it to wear the sleeves again, but I will see how the weather is that day.
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