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2013-09-11 1:10 PM

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Subject: fat% management: apps and books
For this off-season I really want to stress diet and weight management (well more that I need to loos fat % not wieght). I have tried to do some dieting in the past but my biggest problem is a good app for it.

This is my main problem: I make everything from scratch (minus mustard and katchup). The DB of the apps that I have used mainly consist of packaged foods or approximations of raw foods. Like a 'medium' banana. What the heck is a medium banana - that has such a huge varience!
Addiontally, when you enter in something of your own, you need to enter all the nutritional data as well, which I don't know.

I'm looking for an app that:
has a complete DB
has nutritional values incorporated
not so overly technical that I need to weigh and measure every proton and electron of food. (some is ok)

Perhaps Its less of a app problem but more a lack of education problem when evaluateing food and entering the data.

I liked Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. Any other recommended weight oriented reading that is good?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has employeed Matt Fitzgerald's plan of Daily-Quality-Score instead of calorie counting. How do you like or dislike it compared to standard calorie counting?

Thanks in advance!

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2013-10-06 8:35 AM
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Subject: RE: fat% management: apps and books
I prefer

you can weight foods or use standard portions
2013-10-07 7:03 AM
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Subject: RE: fat% management: apps and books
I kinda geek out and do the nutrition analysis online...if you google recipe analyzer (or something liek that) - you can find some sites - then copy and paste the recipe in and it will give you dietary values per serving size - it takes some work, but I typically do all mine on the weekend, then its ready for the upcoming week
2013-10-24 7:36 AM
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Subject: RE: fat% management: apps and books
I think online method is a good thing to learn about health and fitness. There are so many sites and there is lot of stuff available on internet about workout and fitness so if someone needs any help about weight loss then just contact with us and join our boot camp.

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