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2013-09-17 1:50 PM

, California
Subject: Triathletes/Clubs near Schaumburg?
I live in Schaumburg and am new to Triathlons. I see there are a ton of clubs in Chicago, but is there anything local here? I'm looking for group rides and runs, as well as swimming coaching and just general community.
I'm 29, live in Schaumburg, strong bike rider (i think), not a great runner, and terrible swimmer

I did see there was a place called
Suburban Multisport Triathlon Team
In Elk Grove, but it looks like the site has been taken down. I work in Wood Dale so Elk Grove would be convenient.

Is Schaumburg a Triathlon Club Desert?

2013-09-17 2:46 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathletes/Clubs near Schaumburg?
I also live in Schaumburg and I don't know of any Schaumburg-specific tri clubs. There are quite a few in the surrounding areas. There are also quite a few bike groups around too, but I mainly go solo.

I was half-tempted to start a Meetup Group for this area.......
2013-09-17 2:52 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathletes/Clubs near Schaumburg?
I live in Arlington Heights.

I swim with Alligator Aquatics, and the winter masters program just started; we swim on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays in the mornings at St. Viator High School. It's more a structured work-out than coaching. In the summer, we have long-course at Rec Pool in Arlington Heights. And don't worry, your probably not slower than me

I am also a member of the Wheeling Wheelmen, which rides out of Long Grove and Paul Douglas Forest Preserve (and other places).

There's also Arlington Heights Bicycle Club.

I think there may be a masters group out of LIfetime Fitness in Schaumburg as well.

There's also Alpine Runners out of Lake Zurich, and Arlington Trotters, for running.

Together We Tri operates out of Glenview, but that's more a coaching/training program. Vision Quest coaching operates out of Highland Park.

I've been idly thinking about starting a recreational tri club in the NW suburbs, since it seems that all the pieces are already there, they just need to link up, but I haven't taken any steps toward it.
2013-09-18 9:02 AM
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, California
Subject: RE: Triathletes/Clubs near Schaumburg?
Well lets start a meetup and get some group rides going around here
I just set up a computrainer room and would love to have someone to join me in the cold months on my 2nd trainer.
2013-10-16 1:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathletes/Clubs near Schaumburg?
I'm in Schaumburg as well. Normally ride/run solo or with one other buddy who lives next door. I swim at the Buehler Y and am considering their Triathlon group when the membership information comes out for next year. I'd be down for some indoor workouts, but I don't really have any space to do it (small apt) but I do have some rollers=portable.

There is also Dick Pond's Monday night runs for their track/run group which I am going to the next chance I get.
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