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2013-09-23 9:18 PM

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Subject: FYI - Nicely done race put on at Nantasket!!!
FYI - Skies cleared and a great race was put on at Nantasket this past weekend!!!

First BIG thanks to the crew and volunteers that help set up everyting in the rain.

Things I really liked:

A.) Nice bike rack with designated spots and plenty of room plus a slot to secure my back wheel so my bike would not be tipped over.

B.) It was a REALLY nice hard packed sand to run on and the Finish was right on the beach which was a welcome site after leaving it all out on the course and being completely spent coming in.

C.) Plenty of food and snacks after the race, the cookies were especially huge.

D.) Tons of free parking.

The winter hat they gave out was really cool and I thought it was a good idea especially for people that have a ton of tshirts and my son loves it, he hasn't taken it off (he's 11).

Awesome beach, flat bike course, really how much more can I say, this is just a great venue for a race!

Thankss again for putting on a great race and you will definitely see me next year.

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