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2013-09-25 11:10 AM

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Subject: Saddle Sore/Cyst removal - recovery?
Many of you know my saddle issues are well documented.
I have been fighting a saddle sore since July.
Finally went to the GP Monday and he referred me to a surgeon, says it is a cyst and has to come out.

Was able to get an appointment with the surgeon next Tuesday morning, he would be able to remove in his office.

However, I am worried about the downtime required for healing since there will be stitches.
Training for IMAZ and this is heavy training time. The next 6 weeks are BIG.
Thinking about toughing it out until after IMAZ. I am currently on abx.

Has anybody had to have a cyst in their saddle area removed and if so what was the recovery like?

2013-09-25 11:42 AM
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Iron Donkey
, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Saddle Sore/Cyst removal - recovery?

No removal, but I am (hopefully) healing from folliculitis -

due partly from saddle sores and shaving, so I have empathy.

I have a few days left on the horse pills I was given.

It looks like some down time for you due to stitches, and I'm sorry that this had to happen at this crucial part of time.

2013-09-25 11:56 AM
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St Catharines, Ontario
Subject: RE: Saddle Sore/Cyst removal - recovery?
Happens to the best of them:

10 days is needed for significant healing and about 4 weeks before consistent mileage. The pros work around this with topical treatment and drainage (yuck) but the risk of infection is very high.

Know anyone with a recumbent?
2013-09-25 1:23 PM
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Grapevine, TX
Subject: RE: Saddle Sore/Cyst removal - recovery?
Don't think I've had cysts, but I've had some form of acne/foliculitis. Small to nasty large pimples, but they don't pop like a pimple (if you try it huts). It really broke out after a dirty swim at CAP TEX TRI. I used standard acne soap 2x per day and it went away. One was probably a combination of a pimple worsened by riding and took weeks to clear up, but gradually got smaller and disappeared with the acne soap treatment. That treatment is designed to exfoliate and allow the body to fight the bacteria, so even if its not standard pimples it seems to work too.
2013-09-25 3:17 PM
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Williamston, Michigan
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Subject: RE: Saddle Sore/Cyst removal - recovery?

I would wait.  If its been there since summer tough it out. Ask if they can drain it.  I have been plagued with saddle sore abcesses cyst.....if they look bad I lance them myself but I hae a skill set that most people don't have and access to sterile needles.  Ask if they can lance it to get  any pus out and then get it removed after the race. 

FWI this is what has helped me
1-using an acne wash to keep the bacteria counts lower in the region in question
2-using a different brand of short each ride so you are not getting friction on the same area each ride
3-I JUST found a chaois creme called DZnuts..........its awesome.  If you have not try it. 
4-There is a creme called calmoseptine that helps make them feel better but messy to ride with.  Its HARD to find but walgreens is supposed to caryy it.  Call the store first.  You CAN get it online easily
5-bacitracin ointment on the area of question too.

Good luck!

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