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2013-09-30 4:28 PM

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Sykesville, MD
Subject: FS: 2013 HED Jet 9/Disc Wheel Set

Selling this set that was used a total of 4 times by a couple pro triathletes. Carbon clincher set in perfect condition. Skewers not included, sorry. 

MSRP is $2150

Asking $1600 shipped to your door.

 photo 069_zpsfb5bfbfc.jpg

 photo 071_zps1758a4bd.jpg

 photo 072_zpsb832055b.jpg

 photo 073_zps775b19ca.jpg

 photo 074_zps8c6c6e73.jpg
 photo 075_zpsba957fb5.jpg

 photo 076_zpsd2b44185.jpg 

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General Discussion Classifieds - New and Used Triathlon Gear » FS: 2013 HED Jet 9/Disc Wheel Set Rss Feed  

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