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2013-10-07 12:52 PM

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Long Island, NY
Subject: Endurance Sports Travel
Has anyone ever used this service? I was thinking of using them to get into IM FL 2014. Looks very expensive. Thoughts? Thanks

2013-10-07 4:12 PM
in reply to: Jayabusa

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N Carolina
Subject: RE: Endurance Sports Travel
One of my fellow tri club members has used them multiple times and speaks very highly of the service.

My question to you would be....are you considering this as a backup in case you can't get in online?
2013-10-07 4:58 PM
in reply to: japarker24

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Long Island, NY
Subject: RE: Endurance Sports Travel
The odds of my wife and I both getting in are slim. So I figured I would spend the extra money for piece of mind. This will be our first full.
2013-10-07 6:20 PM
in reply to: Jayabusa

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Charlotte, NC
Subject: RE: Endurance Sports Travel
Used them once for IM Switzerland and had an awesome experience. Ken Glah is a legendary figure at Kona and knows the needs of his IM customers better than they do. Everything is done for you and there are so many great touches. Definitely worth the money. I don't think I'd do another European race without their support. In fact I'm waiting on IM France registration until they determine if they are supporting the race next year.
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