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2013-10-09 1:18 PM

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Subject: First tri bike
I am looking to purchase my first tri bike. My LBS stocks Cannondale, Cervelo, and Specialized. I am looking at the Cervelo P2 and Cannondale Slice 3/5 at the moment but I am open to suggestions. I am 6-3 and currently ride a Specialized Allez (61cm). Any recommendations?

2013-10-09 1:26 PM
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Sykesville, MD
Subject: RE: First tri bike

Hey... I have an XL Trek Speed Concept 7.8 that would fit perfectly for you and also a 58cm P4. The trek is a 2012 and the P4 a 2011. here are some pics... hope this helps some.



2013-10-09 5:18 PM
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Prairie Village, Kansas
Subject: RE: First tri bike
Whatever fits you best. Common answer... Alternatively, I bought a P2 in 2012 and freaking love it... Have fun on the new steed!
2013-10-09 5:56 PM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: First tri bike
You might want a Cervelo S5 if price is no concern. A good S2 is much more affordable. The S5 is a highly aero road bike, so the bottom bracket is much stiffer than tri/TT frames. I mention this because someone in my office is your height and was losing time on hills because the tri frame wasn't laterally stiff enough. He bought an S5 and problem solved. Buy the S2/S5 frame and build it up like a pure tri-bike, or enjoy the best of road and tri worlds with drop handle bars and aero clip-ons.
2013-10-09 8:27 PM
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Subject: RE: First tri bike
The Cervelo S5 is a beautiful bike, I unfortunately have a budget of about $2500. Thanks for the suggestion.
2013-10-12 5:44 PM
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The 951
Subject: RE: First tri bike
It's hard to go wrong with either so it all boils down to how they fit you. IOW, ignore the name on the top tube, get the shop to dial them in, leave your DL or CC with the owner and test ride both more than a couple of times up and down the block.

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