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2013-10-09 1:48 PM

, California
Subject: Races that involve strength as well - Pump and Run?
I come from a strength training background and am slowly getting into endurance sports. I saw a race called "Pump and Run" which involves weight lifting and biathlon. You ben press a percentage of your weight as many reps as you can, then you run/bike/run. In the end they take 30 seconds off of your R/B/R time for every rep you completed on the benchpress. I'm really drawn to this type of race since I still really like lifting.
Is this type of race common? Are there others similar? I'd like to find a pump and bike event if possible.

2013-10-09 2:20 PM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Races that involve strength as well - Pump and Run?

Our local track club used to do something similar:  A max bench press followed by a one mile run.  Good for guys like me, but they stopped doing it several years ago due to lack of interest (those skinny track guys were fast, but couldn't lift very much).


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