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2013-10-10 9:52 PM

Subject: Dallas rides
I am going to be in dallas for a couple months. I'm staying near dallas love airport and looking for a good place to ride. I don't mind driving a bit to get away from crowded traffic. I am looking for 40-80 mile rides. Is there website that has a list of local group rides?

2013-10-11 12:57 PM
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Plano, TX
Subject: RE: Dallas rides

Great local store with their main location about 20 minutes away from where you'll be in Richardson. They have weekend rides of a lot of different distances starting from there as well as (I think) their other stores. I haven't ever done them preferring to ride on my own schedule, but I see their groups out regularly and many are well attended. I don't know that they go up to 80 miles, but I know there are rides that go at least 40.

If you drop in the store, I'm sure they could give you more information about their rides and potentially others you could consider...most people in that store are very helpful.

Enjoy your time in Dallas!
2013-10-14 2:51 PM
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Dallas, TX
Subject: RE: Dallas rides
If you want a protected path you can go to White Rock Lake.

Other groups in the area:
Greater Dallas Bicyclists -
Carrollton Cycling Club -
Plano Bicycle Association-

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2013-10-14 3:45 PM
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McKinney, TX
Subject: RE: Dallas rides

Trishop in Plano

Playtri in Dallas (about 5 minutes from love field on Mockingbird)

2013-10-20 12:59 PM
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Subject: RE: Dallas rides
Check out

Multiple ride opportunities weekly. Saturday mornings at lake grapevine near you, too. Would love to have you join us.
2013-10-25 9:16 AM
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Subject: RE: Dallas rides
Love Field is just 7 miles from White Rock Lake, which is a huge area for biking. Two major biking stores: Richardson Bike Mart ( and Dallas Bike Works ( Also a triathlon center: PlayTri ( I'm not sure that I would ride my bike along Mockingbird all the way from Love Field to White Rock Lake- heavy traffic on this road, but I'm sure some people do. Here is a link to trail networks in Dallas:

2013-10-30 2:41 PM
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Dallas, TX
Subject: RE: Dallas rides
If you dont mind getting a bit dirty then look up Spinistry

They do off the wall rides some are road bike freindly some are mouatin bike only. This weekends NETT ride is Cross or MTB suggested.
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