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2013-10-15 12:20 PM

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Subject: School me on trail shoes

Ok- I just did something stupid and signed up for a 50mi trail run.  I think it's a combination of dusty dirt roads, streams and rocky trails, with 7500 feet of climbing.  I'm a flat footed pronator that after a few years of running, have found regular running shoes that I like.  Those with a little, but not too much support, flexibility and some cushion.  my favorites- ASICS DS Trainers for short runs, Nike Lunarglide for long runs, Mizuno Elixer for long races.

So- teach me about trail shoes.  what should I be looking for.  what are their features.  why are they different.

from a training standpoint- my long trail runs will probably start and end with 3-4 miles of running on pavement before I hit the trail, so perhaps shoes that have a tread that doesn't get too chewed up by blacktop?


2013-10-17 2:50 PM
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Subject: RE: School me on trail shoes
I think the big differences are tred and side to side mobility. Also the ability for the shoe to drain quickly, this is not it being waterproof but helps when you get the shoes drenched that they drain quickly and don't add weight. By side to side mobility I mean, some road shoes are good at only going forward, if all of a sudden you have to change direction then you have to be super careful. This is not all road shoes, for example I find Kinvaras to be very good on easy trails.

Also, lots of people, especially fast people, don't use trail shoes. I think for a lot of them their shoes are super light and have the mobility they need. Regarding the tred, I have heard people say before that traction is over rated.

I have not run in the shoes you mention. I know some companies claim they build trail shoe versions of their road shoes, my experience is that that is largely marketing.

Also, 3-4 miles running on pavement in trail shoes is going to suck. I own many different pairs and none of them (save the NB minimus) feel good on the road.
2013-10-17 4:22 PM
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Subject: RE: School me on trail shoes

Thanks for the input.  The shoes I run in tend to be  in the "performance stability" category.  i.e. they have a little support for pronation, but are also lighter, flexible.  Not like full motion control-or stability shoes.  hate that!

yeah- don't want waterproof.  Want ones that drain.  I live in the desert.  Dry dusty trails and stream crossings (rarely)

Most (all?) trail shoes seem to have a plate in them. A layer of hard plastic that presumably protects your feet from pointy rocks?  these plates also appear to have the effect of stiffening the flexibility.  I enjoy more flexible shoes for the road- but do most people want something 'stiffer' for trails and long runs?

Might I want more "stability and support" for trail running?  I'm shooting for long stuff, so I'll be running a lot slower and spending more time on my feet.

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