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2013-11-06 8:17 PM

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Subject: Power2max FSA/3D Rotor Question
So I'm pretty much sold on setting a power meter now. I was going to go with Stages, since it was way cheaper that everyone else but it does not fit my frame since it will hit my back brake. Bummer... Next up the list for a non-wheel PM is power2max. The cheapest one they have is a FSA Gossamer version, which I've heard mixed reviews on. Here's my question though:

The crank and the crank arms would be FSA Gossamer but the chain rings would be something else: Praxis Works, Rotor Q-Rings, or BOR. It seems like this would get rid of the "non-stiff" shifting that people complain about with the FSA Gossamer. The next step up is Rotor 3d, which does fit the Shimano BB that I just installed but it costs $200 more but is offered with the same chain rings. Does anyone have any experience with these and could offer some advice? Would getting a 3D Rotor crankset offer any advantages over an FSA one, if they both used the same chainrings?

2013-11-07 5:51 AM
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Greater Pittsburgh
Subject: RE: Power2max FSA/3D Rotor Question
I would say get the Rotor 3D. They're stiff enough and reasonably light. Never been a big fan of FSA (had too many problems with their cranks over the years). The combination Rotor 3D and Praxis chain rings shifts extremely well. (although I personally prefer Q-rings, just because they work well for me)
2013-11-07 8:19 AM
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Subject: RE: Power2max FSA/3D Rotor Question
I had a similar question, and there's a Power2Max support thread over on Slowtwitch.

From my understanding, the flex in the FSA is not a chainring issue, but a crank issue. You can get the FSA Goassmer crank with Praxis, BOR, or Rotor rings.

Another factor is swapping out the bottom bracket, and whether you are comfortable doing that yourself, against the cost of a new BB and possible the labor to swap it.

From Nicholas at Power2Max, via Slowtwitch :
with a BB30 frame with Ultegra installed you have 2 choices:

1) remove the bottom bracket adapter, install a BB30 bottom bracket, and run a Rotor 3DF or 3D+ crankset. This is slightly lighter and stiffer, but needs the BB change

2) Keep the BB as it is and install a Rotor 3D or FSA Gossamer. Slightly heavier and less stiff, but no bottom bracket change required

If you are switching to compact we have Praxis Works chain rings as an optional upgrade in 52-36 and 50-34, which give great shifting performance.

2013-11-07 6:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Power2max FSA/3D Rotor Question
I'm not too worried about installing a BB. In fact I just did it last week when I installed my Ultegra crank. Got rid of the MegaExo one that my bike came with and since it was only $40, I figured it wasn't too bad. ~$30 in tools and a youtube video later, it was done. Problem is, like I said, that now that it's on, Stages will not fit, thus making the whole thing pointless.

I think I am leaning towards Rotor 3D now. 3D+ sounds better but costs more plus a more expensive BB. I know they are releasing a new model in February but sounds like they are keeping their existing models as well and the new models are for different cranks. The starting price is also higher for their new models but I wonder if they'll go down in price after a few months. Would be hard to me to sit and wait that long since I'd like to collect data for 2 months or so and then design my training plan around that.

Another question: On their site they have a crankarm tool ($50!). Is this needed? It looks like one rotor's site that you just need allen wrenches:

I can see where that tool could be used on the driveside for sure (from pictures they have(, so I'm wondering if it's needed at all for the other arm. $50 seems like a lot just for one crank arm that I can't use for anything else. Anyone know of a place to get a cheaper version?
2013-11-14 12:02 AM
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Subject: RE: Power2max FSA/3D Rotor Question
Sorry to bump this but thought I write down what I learned if case other people search and see this thread.

I decided to buy the Rotor 3D system Thursday night at midnight...cause I got sick of this going back and forth in my head :P If you add the little tool to the cart and then click on it, it says it's optional and that it comes with the cranks already. It doesn't say this if you click on it from their main page though. I got the unit today (pretty nice turn-around from Canada!) and the little $50 crank arm tool came with it. This is only needed if you want to take off the cranks on the driver side. To install the left crank, all you need are 2 different allen wrenches, and a torque wrench of course. Took me 20 minutes to install, now that I know how to do this. Found out I put out a lot less power than I thought. Going to keep at it and I'll try to write a review after a few weeks/months of use but I'm sure people will find DC rainmaker's review more informative.

If anyone is interested on how it looks, check out this link.

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