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Subject: Getting my first tri-bars
So I've been told it might be worth getting a set of tri/aero bars, but I literally have no idea where to start... The range of prices is astonishing! Would something like this be adequete: should I go for something more expensive? What do you get for your money as they get more expensive, and what do you reckon should be factors that influence my decision?

Any advice would be really appreciated!

2013-11-08 11:42 AM
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Subject: RE: Getting my first tri-bars

something like that, yes, could work.  Although it currently states it out of stock.  Like anything, going with a reputable brand name might cost you a few dollars more, but you end up with something that's often better designed, has more adjustability, pads may be more comfortable, etc.

you'll notice that there are a few different ways that the bars bend.  the straighter ones, I think called 'an ski bend' are sometimes (it really depends) more aerodynamic, but tend to be less comfortable for your wrists.  you might prefer more of a bend at the end, such as an S bend, or like these Stryke bend bars.  

imagine yourself holding on to those bars that you selected, versus these:

if you want to save some money, I'll bet you can pick up some used ones out of the classifieds either here or over on slowtwitch pretty cheap.  A lot of triathletes bought them for their roadie, then bought a tri bike and have them sitting around in their garage.  some might send them to you for the cost of shipping, just to get rid of them.  

oh- if you have carbon handlebars on your roadie, you may not want to clamp down on them, and might need the kind that mount to the stem.




2013-11-08 2:33 PM
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Subject: RE: Getting my first tri-bars
I had the benefit of a friend who a couple of different aerobars for me to try. You get what you pay for in terms of fit and comfort. The profile design bars morey000 posted are what I have now and I couldn't be more pleased. FWIW-I tried the S-shaped ones that make you tilt your wrist forward, and didn't like them at all. Too much stress on my forearms and wrist.

The Profile Design ones are adjustable in lots of different ways, making them a better fit for most folks. You can readily find them used for under $50 all the time.

BTW-it's really fun going aero and tucking in on a big downhill!

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Subject: RE: Getting my first tri-bars
Also, I found out that my armband smartphone holder I use for running will work strapped to the aerobars. I use Runkeeper a lot, so that's a nice bonus!
2013-11-11 5:57 PM
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Subject: RE: Getting my first tri-bars
I'm in the same position. I'm looking for some bars for my road bike. I'm conflicted between regular size and mini. Can any one help me decide?
2013-11-13 6:06 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Getting my first tri-bars
Originally posted by standbyzero

I'm in the same position. I'm looking for some bars for my road bike. I'm conflicted between regular size and mini. Can any one help me decide?

Definitely go with ITU style (aka. shorties) clip-on bars for a road bike. They're specifically designed to allow you to maintain your road position (which is exactly what you want to do… road bike are not designed to be ridden weight forward). Personally, I like the VisionTech Mini TT's, but there's many other good ones to pick from

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