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2013-11-15 8:00 PM

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Subject: Tempe Pool
I am volunteering at IM AZ on this weekend. My shift doesn't start until Sunday evening. My plan is to watch the swim, and then maybe get in a short/easy workout before I get back to the course as a spectator and volunteer. I am running long on Saturday, and not bringing a bike, so I was hoping I could find some place to swim. Does anyone have a suggestion of a pool that has lap swimming on Sunday 10:00 to noonish? I am staying near the airport and don't mind a drive to good facility.

2013-11-16 8:29 AM
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the desert
Subject: RE: Tempe Pool
Not sure what else would be open before noon, but you could probably pay a drop in fee at the ASU Rec center. Good pool for lap swimming and would be pretty close (just the other side of campus off Apache).
2013-11-16 6:54 PM
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Subject: RE: Tempe Pool
Thanks. I may check it out.
2013-11-17 1:02 AM
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Tempe, Arizona
Subject: RE: Tempe Pool
Yeah, I think it's $10 to pay to get into the ASU Rec Centre pool.

Alternatively you can try LA Fitness on Mill and Southern, as they've got a nice indoor 25 yard pool that I use a lot. They often give out free guest passes to people, and I've always managed to get my visiting friends in for free:
2013-11-18 6:56 PM
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Subject: RE: Tempe Pool
Thanks everyone. I ended up swimming at Cactus Aquatic Center in Scottsdale. Nice facility and I really enjoy and outdoor pool when I can get to one.
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