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2013-11-23 8:38 AM

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southern pines
Subject: ChesapeakeMan Ultra Sign-up
Can anyone give me a general idea how soon one would have to sign up for the ChesapeakeMan to guarantee entry?

I'm doing a marathon in March and would like to wait until after that race before I sign up for the ChesapeakeMan Ultra which I believe is September 20, 2014. It would be my first race of that distance. I really would like to see how I handle a marathon before signing up.

Will it be full by that point or will I still have time to sign-up after my marathon?

2013-11-23 3:01 PM
in reply to: swofford11

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Subject: RE: ChesapeakeMan Ultra Sign-up

You can always email them and ask.

I've done the AV a couple times and have signed up a couple months ahead of time.

A stand alone marathon is very different than a IM marathon.

2013-11-25 11:22 AM
in reply to: KathyG

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Crab Cake City
Subject: RE: ChesapeakeMan Ultra Sign-up
I live in the area and think you should be fine. I do not know if its sold out the last few years for the Ultra. I know the field size is small but you should have no problems getting in if you wait until after your race in March.
2013-11-26 6:59 PM
in reply to: dmbfan4life20

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southern pines
Subject: RE: ChesapeakeMan Ultra Sign-up
Great thanks everyone.

i'll also email them and see.
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