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2013-12-03 4:05 PM

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Subject: shin pain from cycling

Hello, since this summer I have been battling shin pain both legs.  I limited running because I assumed that was the cause.  I have been getting A.R.T treatments with ultrasound regularly with limited improvement in symptoms.  I have iced/rolled/calf and shinned stretched, etc. I have not run for 3 weeks but realized that I was still having generalized soreness in the area.  And one day after a trainer session, I noticed the pain again.  So, I googled shin pain from cycling and found out it is possible and probably common.  This summer, I also got a new tri bike including fit, and this is when the pain started happening.  So, I pulled out a large mirror the other day and watched my pedal stroke, and low and behold, I was dorsiflexing my ankles/ activating my shin muscles at the top part of my pedal stroke especially on harder intervals.  When I was running, I never felt the pain while running, I backed off for fear of them turning into something bad.

So with some effort, I will clean up my pedal technique, I even contacted my bike fitter to make sure things were still on par.  What felt like toe down to me was actually cleaner and I was no longer flexing my shins on the up stroke.

So, my question, are all shin pains equal?  When can I resume a slow run build again? Is this shin pain not as traumatic as the running type, fascia pulling away from bone etc, which could result in stress fractures while running? It is still an overuse injury?

I will also pay closer attention to not overstriding and preventing myself from dorsi flexing during running as well.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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