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2013-12-07 9:30 PM


Subject: WTB: Wheels or Quarq PM
Looking for a set of clincher aero wheels.

Anything between 50-90mm.

Have an address in the States but if you don't mind shipping int'l we can discuss further pricing.

Or a Quarq PM.
GXP or 68mm threaded BB.

Ideally looking for a compact since its mainly hills here in HK.

2013-12-08 5:50 AM
in reply to: Mr.Pie

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Sykesville, MD
Subject: RE: WTB: Wheels or Quarq PM

Hey... I have these three PMs:

quarq s975, 172.5mm, 53/39, gxp in excellent shape - $975

Sram Red quarq, 53/39, GXP, 172.5mm - $1250

New 2014 Quarq Elsa 170mm, gxp, 53/39 ($2000 msrp) - $1550

for wheels:

New 2013 Zipp 60 clincher wheel set (11 spd.) - $1300

New Gray 5.0/9.5 carbon clincher wheel set - $950 - (seen here) -

2012 Zipp FC 808 tubular wheel set with Vittoria Corsa EVO CX tires ($1600) - seen here -

2013 Giant P-SLR1 Aeron 11 spd. tubeless ready alum. clincher wheel set ($1200) - seen here

2013 Vuelta C50 carbon clincher (hand built) wheel set ($1200) - seen here on a scott plasma ltd -

2011 Zipp 404 alum. clincher wheel set ($1200)

2012 SRAM S60/S80 race wheel set ($1000)

sorry I do not have pics of everything yet. All prices include shipping. Let me know... thanks!

2013-12-08 10:05 AM
in reply to: Mr.Pie

Subject: RE: WTB: Wheels or Quarq PM

PM sent

2013-12-09 8:17 AM
in reply to: Mr.Pie


Subject: ---

Ok I've made up my mind.
Coach has advised for me to get a PM instead.

Looking for a Quarq Powermeter.

50/34 compact
170mm crank arm length (I can do 172.5 since I used to ride that size but not any larger)

I have a US address but it'll be great if you can ship int'l to Hong Kong as well.
Send me any offers thanks
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General Discussion Classifieds - New and Used Triathlon Gear » WTB: Wheels or Quarq PM Rss Feed  

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