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2013-12-10 1:39 PM

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Subject: Adrenal Insufficiency

Anyone have an experience with long distance running and triathlons with an adrenal insufficiency?

I was a long distance runner (13 marathons) and triathlete (IM Louisville) until a fractured femoral head sidelined me in April of this year. Several other physical issues popped up between April and July, and an MRI in July showed I had a 3-4 cm tumor sitting on my pituitary gland. I had surgery to remove the tumor in August, and after a lengthy recovery period, I've finally been cleared to exercise again.The surgery has left me with a permanent adrenal insufficiency. I know long distance running and triathlon is considered 'stressful' and will mean I need to take stress doses of my medication; but I'm looking for some real world experiences so I know what to expect.

If anyone has any experience with adrenal insufficiency and long duration exercise, please share your experience. Thanks. 

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