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How many "Pizza" flavors per "meal" do you prefer?
I don't like any "pizza"0 Votes - [0%]
I only like one type of "pizza" ever0 Votes - [0%]
I like one type of "pizza" per "seating"0 Votes - [0%]
I like two types of "pizza" per "seating"11 Votes - [33.33%]
I like three types of "pizza" per "seating"5 Votes - [15.15%]
Bring on a many types of "pizza" as you have!16 Votes - [48.48%]
Why is "pizza" in quotes?1 Votes - [3.03%]

2013-12-23 12:34 PM
in reply to: pga_mike

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St. Louis
Subject: RE: How many "Pizza" flavors per "meal" do you prefer?

Originally posted by pga_mike

1/2 is a brief (< 1 minute) appetizer.  Like cheesesticks.

I see. I was thinking more along the lines of you come home and find that your wife had started eating without you.  


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Other Resources My Cup of Joe » How many "Pizza" flavors per "meal" do you prefer? Rss Feed  
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