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2013-12-27 8:32 PM

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Delco, PA
Subject: Getting Back To It After Patellar Tendonitis.

I had severe pain in late October simply from overuse of running (mileage sky-rocketed after joining XC team).  I was diagnosed with patellar tendonitis and just finished four weeks of physical therapy for it.  The therapist told me as long as I keep doing the exercises/stretches and ease back into it, I should be good with running and pain-free.

I probably should have asked more in detail this question, but, what's ease back into it??  My usual running routine is 35-45-55 miles per week on 6 runs, then a 28 mile recovery week.  Would it be logical to do a 6 week buildup of 17-19-22-27-33-35 (just put it together on paper)?  Could it take less time or should it be more time?

Just looking for some opinions from any of you who had a similar injury

2013-12-30 11:58 PM
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windsor, Ontario
Subject: RE: Getting Back To It After Patellar Tendonitis.
I was really careful with my patella injury and went extremely slow with it. Started running in the pool for a couple weeks and gradually worked my way back.
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