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2013-12-27 10:38 PM

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Subject: Nice before & After swim lesson photo
I like to share cool swim stuff...I'll do a video analysis of this later, but I wanted to share these two nice images of a triathlete I worked with today.

The top one is at maximum left arm extension before & after. THis is like one of those "Find 5 things that are different" puzzles. Feel free to name things that are different in the before and after...which is which should be apparent.

The lower photo is maximum right side extension in the after. I didn't have an underwater view of him from the right side for a before comparison. I really like this photo...I find it relaxing to look at from a swimmers perspective.

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2013-12-28 10:25 AM
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Subject: RE: Nice before & After swim lesson photo
cleaner arm/hand entry
head lower
better rotation
hips/legs higher in the water
overall cleaner/less splash

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