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2014-01-08 7:51 PM

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Subject: Value loss - cracked zipp 900 powertap
Hi guys, want your opinion on one thing.

In my last tri somebody smashes their bike onto my Zipp 900 Powertap disc. It now has a crack (a small indent hole the size of a screwdrivers head) that needs repairing. Zipp says that it should be repairable and want to help me out.

I bought the disc for 2000$. I am just wondering what the drop in resale value is for a repaired disc would be.



2014-01-09 8:57 AM
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Nashville, TN
Subject: RE: Value loss - cracked zipp 900 powertap
i dont think it will really lose value if Zipp fixes it...
2014-01-10 5:51 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Value loss - cracked zipp 900 powertap
There's a definite loss in resale value for anything repaired… A used PowerTap Zipp 900 seems to go for somewhere between $1200-1400, I would guess you could get about $800 for a repaired disc, even if Zipp did the job.

BTW, that really sucks… hope the person owned up to the damage.
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