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2014-01-23 2:08 PM

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Subject: New Triathlete from Largo, FL.
Hey guys! I'm a 30 year old male that really has been doing all 3 sports on my own for a while now, but finally decided why not challenge myself and do all three of them at once? I was getting to the point of working out with no real point or goal because I've accomplished what I've wanted to for the most part health/aesthetic wise, so I wanted a new challenge. So here I am. I have been a cyclist for years and enjoy being in the saddle. Before the time changed I was averaging 150-200 miles a week, but now because I work most of the day when it's light out I can only do 50-100 on the weekends if I don't work. I workout 5-6 days a week but am starting to change my ways to gear myself more towards endurance racing vs strength. I have wide shoulders which isn't exactly aero, and the extra muscle I'm carrying will slow me down, but it's going to be a great workout...haha. Currently I am...

30" Inseam
33" Waist
43" Chest
195 LBS
9% BF

Supplements I'm currently taking

ON 100% Whey Protein
Creatine <--- Ended yesterday to shed a little weight and read thread after thread that it doesn't help endurance athletes.
That's it. I am going to start another BCAA supplement in the near future

I haven't competed in any Tri's yet, but plan on competing in one in March, then April, then whatever else I decide to do later in the year with my ultimate goal in competing in an Ironman next year. I plan on the first few events I plan doing sprints just to learn how it all works and get over the nervous energy. Just watching ironman videos are so inspirational and I want to be in that elite group!

So far I've really enjoyed learning about the sport and everything that is required to succeed, but more important, the flat out challenge. I have anxiety issues from overseas, and worried about panicking when I'm out in the swim, but other than that I know I'm already conditioned to compete, just gotta work on the refinements. I am battling a bone bruise on my knee when I got ran over by a car when I was cycling 8 months ago, and it still hasn't healed, but it's getting better. In fact I ran for the first time last week since the accident and it didn't bother me while I was running, but the next day I noticed it was there when I walked. It's definitely progressing because I golfed shortly after my accident and I couldn't walk without a considerable limp for a few days after the round. That's another thing that had me thinking to start out with sprints so I'm not pounding my knee for as long on the run until it's completely better.

As far as gear goes, I have chosen the following so far. I am definitely open to suggestions as I am no guru especially with tri specific gear. If you could please post some suggestions cause on some stuff I don't know where to begin.

Bike- 2010 Cervelo P2 54" with full Dura Ace 7900, Zipp CF Bars/Base, Sonic wing, Adamo Saddle - $2200 (I had a fit done with the Retul system and Cervelo was the brand I got matched to.)
Tri Shoes- Already have a pair of shimano Tri shoes
Tri Suit- Ebay special??? No idea if there is a significant difference between brands other than the label?
Aero Helmet- Not a clue. I really only know the brands Giro and LG. Would integrated visors be better than separate glasses?
Wet Suit- Not a clue. No idea where to begin or what size I'd be given my measurements.
Goggles- TYR Special Ops
Running shoes- Already have the Nike Free 7.0's
Sunglasses- Already have Oakley's Fast Jackets

So I guess that's about it for now. I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and learn about this wonderful sport.

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Subject: RE: New Triathlete from Largo, FL.
Well I can cross my wetsuit off. Found a sweet deal on a Xterra Vortex 4. A full suit for $100.

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2014-01-24 9:31 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: New Triathlete from Largo, FL.

Hi Erik, and welcome to BT!

Do you have a training plan that you are following?  If not, then you might want to check the free plans here on BT.  

Sounds like you still might have some issues with your knee.  You definitely want to get that healed up before attempting to do too much running.

Most folks have some level of anxiety at first with OW swims.  Best advice I can offer is to relax, stay out of the middle of the pack, and don't go out too fast.  Once you get a few races under your belt you'll feel a lot more confident.  Getting some practice in OW always helps too.

I come from a weight-lifting background and am sympathetic to your comment about having broad shoulders & a big chest and trying to get aero.  My aero position on the bike is relatively upright compared to some of my skinny friends, but it's comfortable and it allows me to stay on the bars all day.

Again, welcome and good luck with your training.


2014-01-24 10:41 AM
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Subject: RE: New Triathlete from Largo, FL.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my thread. Currently I do not have a plan that I'm following because of my knee it's hard to stick to the running portion. I'm going to give it a break and ice it every night/morning and try to expedite the process of healing, then start running a few weeks before the first event.

I actually Googled last night how to become a better swimmer and I came across Total Immersion. Watched all the YouTube videos and going to go ahead and order the DVD. I think once I learn Terry's form, which is amazing, I'll be a lot more comfortable before I even step in water for the first time on race day. I am lucky that I live a few minutes from the beach so once I practice I'll tackle the OW too.

Thanks for the warm welcome and I'm looking forward to improving my endurance and be competitive in the sport, and making friends along the way.

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