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2014-02-01 11:03 PM

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Subject: Triathlon cycling shoe choice help....
Hi everyone,
I'm curious as to what a lot of you are using for Triathlons or training while on the bike. The reason why I'm asking is I'm upgrading my cycling shoe and having a tough decision on which ones to go with. I've been an avid distance runner but got into cycling about 6 months ago and working on my swimming already. I'm currently using the Specialized Pro Road cycling shoe but want to upgrade to something for better transition. I'm wondering if any of you have used either one of the ones below. My only down-fall with the Shimano TR-60 is the velcro strap going inward goes the bike. What's making it tough for me is that nobody here in Las Vegas has the PI Tri Fly Octane or Bont Sub-8 to try out. I mean I know people would probably say it would be great considering the price point. I hear good reviews on the Specialized Trivent Expert but people are complaining about the shortened length on the velcro strap. Anyhow thanks for the help and advice....

Choices on my mind are:
Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Ocatne - $350.00
Shimano TR-60 - $180 and up
Specialized Trivent Expert - $175-$180.00
Bont Sub-8 $250 and up

2014-02-02 2:22 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon cycling shoe choice help....
I saw this and did a google search since I couldn't believe that shoes cost that much but sure enough...they do. Guess my $100 pair I thought were expensive just aren't as nifty as some of these though I did find this nice video which goes over a lot of the shoes you're interested in:

2014-02-02 5:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon cycling shoe choice help....
I did the last 2 season PI Tri Fly III. They were OK but didn't fit quite right. I have Sidi for road shoes and I love them. I went with the Sidi T3 Carbon Air and they do not disappoint. Stiff with carbon sole, light and good aeration.No hotspots with the strap. Not mention I got a great deal on them. They have a more conventional strap than the Octane or Trivents.Dave
2014-02-02 7:17 PM
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Las Vegas, Nevada
Subject: RE: Triathlon cycling shoe choice help....
Oh wow, thanks for the video link Blastman! Very helpful!! I didn't think about looking this up on youtube about the shoes hehe. I'm always on youtube too. Lol... It seems like the Pearl Izumi Octane looks pretty nice. I just can't seem to figure out why so many brands have the velcro straps go inward. I would think with velcro to losen from outside would be easier, IMO. Thanks!
2014-02-03 5:49 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Triathlon cycling shoe choice help....
Shoes are very personal, so if the Specialized shoes fit you well, then stick with the Trivent's. Fit will be very similar to your road shoes. That's of course unless you have an LBS that has all those shoes in stock so you can try them on…

And don't worry too much about the velcro strap direction and length… as long as it's long enough to connect, you're fine.
2014-02-08 3:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Triathlon cycling shoe choice help....
Most important thing is get ones that fit. Each brand and even shoes within brands fit different. I came from a cycling background and I can't tell how many pairs of shoes I been through. Nothing sucks more than to be an hour into a 5 hour ride and have hot spots on your feet already. Some brands are known to be narrow fitting (i.e. Sidi). Others like Northwave have more roomy toe boxes. I have somewhat wide feet and just got the PI tri fly octanes. They seem great but I don't have enough time in them yet. Unfortunately the only way to figure out if a shoe works for you is ride in them. Buy them used from someone if you can to save money or buy from
A place like competitive cyclist that has a 60 days no questions asked return policy (this includes riding and scuffing them up!). The search for a good shoe is similar to the search for a good that others opinions really don't's about how it fits/works for you

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