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2014-08-01 4:18 PM
in reply to: flanag

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Subject: RE: Challenge New Albany

Originally posted by flanag I wasn't too excited by the race either. I thought by HFP standards, it was a great race. It was well put together, more volunteers than an HFP race, and better crowd support than most HFP races. Problem was that this wasn't a standard HFP race, it was a Challenge branded race operated by HFP with a much higher entry fee. And I wasn't judging it by HFP standards, but by WTC and Rev3 standards which charge the same amount. Roads seemed fine (Especially compared to Deer Creek or even Rev3 Cedar Point). What's odd is that the WTC 5i50 Giant Eagle event were also operated by HFP, but felt much bigger and had more hype and I just left thinking "what an awesome event we have here in in town, can't wait to do it next year". I don't have that same feeling about Challenge New Albany. Anyway, Chris, I don't know how you can complain about that run (it was deceptively hilly and hot/humid). You rocked this race! I can't believe you missed the podium. Your time is impressive considering the net uphill bike with some headwinds and the 6.8 mile run course. Great job! -Kevin

Another thing very notably missing was vendor support.  This was a Gatorade Endurance sponsored event, and you couldn't even buy a Gatorade after the race... there was nothing anywhere except a very large inflatable.  This, I believe, was another item among the long list of things Shannon said they were already targeting to improve for next year.   I think that simply getting more of a turnout from the locals to turn it into more of a party/rocking atmosphere would go a long way toward changing the whole vibe.


I was shocked as anything that I was actually ahead of you!  After the way you smoked me and left me in the dust last year at Caesar Creek and again at Rev3, I was SURE that I was chasing you somewhere on the bike.  When we passed on the run, I was kinda dumbfounded!

Both 2nd & 3rd place in AG passed me on the run... I over-biked a bit and was flat on that run.  I've been doing 7:30's/mile in training (as my aerobic pace), and struggled for what I had on race day (Garmin had me at 7:54/mi for 6.81 miles).  Missed 3rd by 32 seconds, 2nd by 90 seconds.  It was a good learning experience

2014-08-01 5:04 PM
in reply to: flanag

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Subject: RE: Challenge New Albany
Originally posted by flanag

Roads seemed fine (Especially compared to Deer Creek or even Rev3 Cedar Point).


Sorry for off top, Kevin, but what is wrong with REV3 Cedar Point roads?
( I did not race there, but will do. )
2014-08-03 5:00 PM
in reply to: trig

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Dublin, OH
Subject: RE: Challenge New Albany

Cedar Point roads aren't bad (and that's my point), only issue with Cedar point roads are the bumpiness for the first 4 miles on the way out (which is also the last 4 miles on the way back) and the occasional stretch of chip and seal.

I heard some complaints about the Challenge NA bike course being rough, I though it was really nice compared to other races.

Good luck at Rev3 CP, It is a great race. I was going to do it since it's my favorite, but I need to duck out of it.


2014-08-04 10:45 AM
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Subject: RE: Challenge New Albany
I actually enjoyed the bike course, there was a steady group of bikers near me all day. I played leap frog with two different riders for a large portion of the ride so that was enjoyable. I would pass them in flats but had a tough time climbing because of my foot. I felt that the roads were well manned by volunteers and never thought I was off track.

I am not sure how anyone could say the run was lonely, there were runners everywhere I actually thought it was too congested and should have been more on the street instead of the sidewalk. As far as the community involvement on the run it was very low for sure. But I do not race for people to look at me, so that never crossed my mind.

My foot really hurt me on the run so that was torture.

I have done 5150 and Nautica events, this was no where near the big time feel that those put off and if that is what they are trying to accomplish then they have a looong way to go. From the packet pickup and vendors to the in race atmosphere to the post race everything would need to be stepped up ten fold. They should venture over to Chicago and see how that race is handled and take notes. That event takes over the area and makes you feel like a superstar.
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