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2014-02-17 6:06 PM

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Subject: Running hiatus?
I'm looking for some expert thoughts. Because of the horrendous weather in the northeast this year (and also a calf strain in sustained in late December) I've decided to take January and February off from running. I don't like treadmills and running in this weather (I live near Boston) is brutal this year.

I have been on the bike trainer and in the pool religiously, so my hope is that I've maintained my cardio fitness. I'm hoping that on March 1st I can resume my running program and get ready for several races this season -- including Timberman 70.3. Does anyone else take a winter running hiatus? Is there a risk that two months of no running could lead to injury or other setbacks? My goal is to use the time to give my legs some rest (doing some stretching and strength-building as well) and then really rev things up in March.

Wisdom from others is appreciated. Thanks.

2014-02-17 6:13 PM
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Subject: RE: Running hiatus?
I have been doing the same with the bike. I will run and swim year round but can't stand the trainer or treadmill. I got my first ride in last week and really struggled, I thing the trick I'm going to use is to gradually increase my mileage between now and the time my next plan starts (march 30).

Good luck!
2014-02-18 9:25 AM
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over a barrier
Subject: RE: Running hiatus?
Taking two months off of running will only cause any injury if you decide to return to running under the assumption that you're at the same fitness level when you left running. That will lead to quick injury or constant little dings that cause forced days off.

When you return take 3 weeks of light running and lower your pace expectations and you'll be fine.
2014-02-18 11:46 AM
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Subject: RE: Running hiatus?
It depends on the person, but I agree there is high potential for injury.

I come from a running background (ex-collegiate runner) but am very injury prone. I trained for a marathon last november and then didnt run again until Jan 1st of this year. Am in the same shape I was during marathon training? No. Can I still go out and hammer a decent time? Absolutely. Keep the high intensity bike work up. When I'm training for a HIM I run very little but cycle a lot. it works for me..
2014-02-19 7:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Running hiatus?
in the end, it s a matter of what results you want and how committed you are to the sport.

taking a 2 month break from running is definitely not the best way to get better at it. Even to kept it low intensity, run in the snow and get 2-4 run a week of 20-30min would be huge.....

but stopping completely mean you will have to get back into running slowly and conservatively, then try to slowly get back to fitness.

my advice..... learn to have fun running outside in the snow...

2014-02-24 7:41 AM
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Subject: RE: Running hiatus?
Thanks everyone for the great comments. I went on a short run this Saturday and my cardio fitness seemed pretty good. My only problem was some really tight muscles later in the day. Clearly the bike trainer doesn't work the legs in the same way. I broke out the foam roller and that seemed to help. Either way, I'm back at it.

2014-02-24 8:20 AM
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New Jersey
Subject: RE: Running hiatus?
I'll go to the other end of the spectrum and say that for most people, taking a month (or two) off is a good thing. Especially since you had an injury. Running beats you up, so the time off lets all the little niggling things recover. And like previously stated, ease back into the running. And if you've been biking/swimming, you'll be fine.

I'm doing Timberman too, and I'll start running in March.
2014-02-24 10:46 AM
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Grapevine, TX
Subject: RE: Running hiatus?
Here's a tip that may help for treadmill runs. Use shoes with less padding, such as racing flats (my favs are the Saucony Grid Type A5 or the new A6).

If you've been wearing high impact trainers and avoid treadmill, especially if you find it gives you knee pain, you may feel dramatically different after applying this tip.

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