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2014-02-22 9:54 AM

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Subject: Shin pain and new running shoes
I'm still a noobie runner, having become an "adult-onset runner" at the age of 44. I took a Good Form Running class, and run right around 180 strides/minute. Things have been going well, and I'm registered for my first half-marathon in late April.

I recently replaced my Brooks Ghost 4 shoes with Brooks Ghost 5. Lately, my left shin has been hurting quite a bit after my long run (8 miles this morning). Today, I went back to my old shoes, and so far, no pain. Any thoughts as to why this might be?

2014-02-22 11:53 AM
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Detroit, Michigan
Subject: RE: Shin pain and new running shoes
I had a pair of Brooks Adrenaline that would give me terrible cramps in my calf. I would switch back to my old shoes and be fine. Thought it was really weird at the time to think that a shoe could case this but months later if I tried to wear those shoes I would cramp up. I have had a couple pair of differant shoes since with no problems. Could be that your shins do not like your new shoes?
2014-02-22 4:01 PM
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Marin County, California
Subject: RE: Shin pain and new running shoes
I recently had/have this with trail shoes. I had never used trail shoes, but when I started using them I started getting both calve and foot cramps in both feet. It would last about 3 miles then go away. Used my non-trail shoes(same maker) for a few runs and the cramps went away. Wore the trail shoes, they came back. I finally have narrowed it down to I simply don't have the body weight to bend the rock plate while keeping my normal midfoot strike.

I finally accepted the trail shoes don't work for me.
2014-02-22 4:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Shin pain and new running shoes
I'm going to try alternating the shoes for a while, and see if I can't "break in" the newer ones.
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