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2014-03-07 8:54 AM
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Subject: RE: What's your favorite equation?

Originally posted by tech_geezer

Originally posted by msteiner

Eigenvectors always kicked my rear when I took Linear Algebra.  Every time I saw one I thought "well there's -5 for this test...".


The power of linear algebra is being able to write out systems of equations with algebraic rules that are much like scalar algebra.  The analogy between scalar and matrix math allows problems to be solved by familiar techniques. The difficulty with this particular equation is that it has no counterpart in scalar algebra.  I use this one a lot to get to the connections between states in state space systems.  It is certainly worth the effort to push through on this one and see where it goes in linear system dynamics.  There are many, many analogous equations in functional analysis too.  The level of abstraction just gets deeper. 


Trying to dance around eigenvectors in Linear ended up biting me, as I learned that they get used a lot in circuit analysis.

2014-03-07 3:40 PM
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Subject: RE: What's your favorite equation?

I liek the Southern Equation best, I prefer the warmer temps...

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