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2014-03-10 2:33 AM

Subject: Paleo triathletes / ironman
Does anyone have experience as a paleo athlete ? I am looking to burn tummy fat fast and get more trim and someone recommended paleo ?

Has your performance improved on paleo nutrition ? Is it a good food way to go ? Or not

I also have bad knees so thought maybe helpful to?

I have been trying vegan but it's dam hard to do properly and I haven't lost as much weight as hoped

Any thoughts ?

2014-03-10 6:44 AM
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Subject: RE: Paleo triathletes / ironman
There are quite a few here that subscribe to Paleo for Athletes.
Mostly people stay quiet because, much like religion, the people against it are loud and tend to destroy any reasonable debate about it. So you might be better off looking in the nutrition and/or weight loss forums of the board.

2014-03-10 7:30 AM
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Subject: RE: Paleo triathletes / ironman
Not really strict paleo or anything, but I have refocused my diet to where I eat more vegetables than anything else, and I did drop a decent amount of weight over the first 2 months. I was hungry for the first week or two, but that went away.
2014-03-10 7:38 AM
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Subject: RE: Paleo triathletes / ironman

I'm mostly paleo/primal but still do some dairy and occasionally eat some grains but stay gluten free.  I've noticed a postive trend in my body composition even without counting calories.  Yes, you'll be hungry and craving sugar and carbs for the first couple of weeks but that goes away.  I've found I have more energy to put into my IM workouts now than when I was more carb heavy.


2014-03-10 8:11 AM
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Subject: RE: Paleo triathletes / ironman
I think it's important to focus on what you're eating, instead of what you aren't eating.

So, my take from paleo is that it works well for the people who focus on increasing their veggies, healthy meat, and fruit in lieu of bread/candy/soda.

(just like I think the benefits many people see from veganism is from the copious amounts of vegetables they begin to consume!)

I do find my energy level to be much more stable when I avoid the more processed & sugary foods. I make an exception when running, though, since I seem to need the simple sugars to stay fresh/alert the whole time.
2014-03-10 10:35 AM
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Subject: RE: Paleo triathletes / ironman
I started going kind of "Paleo" around June of 2012 because I was starting to prepare for IMFL. Yes, there was certainly an adjustment period of a couple weeks, but after the cravings for the junk went away it was all good and I began to see improvements in ways that I hadn't necessarily expected, like sleeping better, improved mentation, etc. There isn't anything that you need for IM training that you'll be missing on a paleo/natural/real food diet.

It can definitely be difficult because our entire food system is so screwed up, grains/sugar are the basis for just about EVERYTHING. But, after you get into a routine it isn't that big of a deal, especially after you start to see the results.

One thing I'd say though, at least for me, I've got to keep stuff simple or I get burnt out with trying to stick to it. So, I try not to eat much that comes out of a box or a can, I don't care what the label says, I eat tons of fruits/vegetables and then if I cook something I'll make it out of very simple, "real food" ingredients, if that makes any sense. To me, "paleo" just means "natural" foods, or I guess some people say "whole" foods, basically the way it showed up in nature.

I'd just say give it a shot for 30 days and see what you think.

2014-03-10 12:01 PM
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Subject: RE: Paleo triathletes / ironman
I'm about to get preachy, but i want to clarify first that i am not super fit man (working my way there), i'm still a kinda chubby dude that has struggled with weight my whole life. the bit below is what it took me 30 years to realize.

Honestly dude, loose the label "Paleo". after that, what you have is an idea. The idea that you should eat real food, not processed "food". shop on the outer edge of the grocery store as much as possible. Learn to cook, don't just find recipes, really learn the skills you need to pick up a handful of random food items and make yourself a meal. I recommend the book culinary boot camp, there are recipes in it, but its not a recipe book, its a skills book. You can cook delicious food without it being unhealthy, if you don't believe me come to my house for dinner sometime.

Don't ever be on a diet, diets don't work, change the way you look at food and you will be forever healthy.

"just because you can put something in your mouth, eat it and poop it out doesn't make it food" -Cameron Diaz

Fun tip: Don't eat food that has a commercial on Television

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