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2014-04-25 12:36 PM

Subject: First half ironman training
I'm training for my first half in Sept. I'm going to use one of Matt Fitzgeralds programs from the week by week book. My swim is the strongest leg, so I like that I can "customize" the plan according to my strengths. My weakness is running. I've got 2 cranky knees. I've done plenty of half marathons, but now I do a run walk interval. Keeps my knees happy. How do I manage the runs in the training plan when all the workouts are done by time and not distance? Should I just increase the times I am running? How many miles should I top out at, towards the end of the 20 weeks?

2014-04-25 7:33 PM
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Subject: RE: First half ironman training
I would say if you have ran/walked in the past to keep your knees happy, and have found that works, stick to it. My knees suck too (currently unable to really run at all due to some knee issues), and ultimately, it doesn't matter if you improve your fitness if your body (see knees) don't agree with you. Obviously, shoes, braces and the like can help with knee issues, but if those don't help, I would focus on keeping your swim strong, having good fitness on the bike and doing what your knees will allow you to do on the run. I am by no means a fast triathlete, and I typically try to run the miles and walk the aid stations on the run potion of a HIM anyhow.
All that to say, put the suggested time in on the run training, but don't be worried so much about it all being actual running if your knees don't agree with it.
2014-04-26 1:18 AM
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Subject: RE: First half ironman training
Hi. I just did my first Half as well. In my plan there was 2nd last week was tapering and the last week just very easy. Before that there was one long run per week, increasing by about 2km per week until the max distance of 20km the last week before tapering.
In between was obviously recovery weeks as well.
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