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2014-06-02 12:34 PM

Subject: Saddle Talk
Hello everyone! After a relatively long hiatus, I have jumped back into training.

I'm looking for some guidance and opinion regarding saddles.

Here's my setup:

Giant TCR Advanced with Profile T2 clip-ons. Currently running a Specialized Tritip.

I am just over 200lbs at the moment, but am dropping weight/slimming pretty quickly. I am a broad build, so that should tell you something. Years ago, when I was hovering around 10% body fat, I still weighed 185 or so. So maybe that gives you a mental picture...or just way too much information.

The bike is set up for riding predominantly in aero at the moment, but I have done some long road rides in the past.

Experiencing a little numbness and discomfort at this point and starting to think about my options down the road. I have a goal of doing a 70.3 next June, so those long rides are in the back of my mind.

I'm thinking about three saddles currently, but am certainly open to other ideas....

Cobb Vflow Plus (same as my wife, she's been very happy with it)
Cobb JOF
ISM Prologue

These three have peaked my interest. Mostly I want something that could be an "all day in aero" type ride, but with some flexibility to do a road ride in an upright position....

Anyone have a great deal of experience with these? Other suggestions? Am I going to have to get over it and just run different saddles for different things?

2014-06-02 4:20 PM
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Saint Petersburg, FL
Subject: RE: Saddle Talk
see if your shop has demo saddles. I had an ISM breakaway but moved to an attack (a bit narrower) and have found it works great for me. Try to be brand agnostic and go with what feels best.

2014-06-02 10:46 PM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: Saddle Talk
There are a couple things at play.
1.) your body has to acclimate to cycling again.
2.) as you lose more weight, the saddle will begin to feel different.

What feels comfortable now may not necessarily feel comfortable after you have logged more miles and slimmed down to your race weight. Saddle comfort is an individual preference despite high quality design features and manufacturing.
2014-06-08 8:32 PM
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Green Bay, WI
Subject: RE: Saddle Talk
I love my Prologue. It takes some getting used to. At first I wasn't crazy about it but now I really like it.
2014-06-09 6:44 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Saddle Talk
Two important points, the saddle is probably the most personal equipment on the entire bike, what works for someone else (even if exactly your weight, build, etc. etc. etc) may not work for you; there's no easy way around it but to try out different saddles. Second, most saddle issues are actually fit issues. Have you had a good bike fit? If not, start with that or you will chase the "perfect saddle" for a VERY long time and spend LOTS in the process.
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