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2014-06-18 10:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Damn Cyclists Up Ahead!
I am guilty of riding hard pretty much all the time. I grew up wrestling so pain and suffering just came with the territory. I want to train how I will race and on the bike that is chasing. The drive to chase running and swimming is not as high. That does not mean I do not push myself a little harder when people are around.

My first HIM my bike speed was 23.5 Mph... 3.5 mph faster than any ride before it. My run suffered a little but only 10-15 seconds/mile. We all do need recovery days and on those days the ability to chase is normally curtailed by prior workouts.

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The off season should be just that – a time to rest your body, to rehabilitate injury, and to plan ahead on how to improve performance and prevent injury in the season to come.