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2014-07-20 7:09 PM


Subject: Evergreen tri -Which bike?
I'm signed up for the Evergreen tri next weekend. I got to looking at the bike course and realized their looks to be a fairly serious climb followed by a good descent. I'm wondering if my road bike might be the way to go instead of my tri bike. The two main reasons are that my road bike is geared better for climbing and I feel a bit more confident descending on it. Having never ridden the course though, I'm not sure. Anyone ridden up there and have any opinions?

2014-07-21 12:24 PM
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Indian Hills, CO
Subject: RE: Evergreen tri -Which bike?
Since no one has replied, I'll give my $.02...

I ride these roads a lot. I mostly mtn and road bike and don't use aero bars very much. I have a clip on set I've used in the past but haven't had them on for a few years.

I think the course is Upper Bear Creek Rd (flat-ish, sort of straight), then Wittier Gulch to Stagecoach. Upper Bear would be fine in aero. Wittier to Stagecoach is a good climb, then Stagecoach is steeper with a curvy descent back to Evergreen Parkway. I would guess most of that section you would not be aero. I've seen some guys riding canyons on tri bikes but not usually in aero position. I would say that is up to you based on your confidence.

From Stagecoach back to the lake is a short climb and a long downhill. That downhill could be VERY fast on the highway. Do you ride aero on a straight downhill at 50mph? I wouldn't.

Hope that helps.

2014-07-21 1:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Evergreen tri -Which bike?
That does help, thanks for the response!
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