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2014-08-29 5:57 PM


Subject: olympic 2 weeks from 1/2 ironman
I am doing my first 1/2 ironman in early October. I was wondering your thoughts on doing a Olympic distance 2 weeks before? good idea to get some race and real tri practice in? or 2 close to my A race? I have done a few Olympics this summer already.

just don't know if that is too close to my 1/2. thank you in advance for your advise.


2014-08-29 6:04 PM
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Subject: RE: olympic 2 weeks from 1/2 ironman

seems perfect.  Recovery from an Oly should be ~1wk.  Since you've done a few Oly's this summer... how did fatigue linger for more than 2 weeks?

everyone is different, and you know your body the best.  I'd do it, but perhaps back off the race intensity of the Oly... just a tad.  Stay sub-threshold.

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