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2014-09-23 4:13 PM

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Denver, Colorado
Subject: Got a Bug to try an Ultra

Maybe I've been running around a bunch of folks with 50 and 100 miler shirts on. Maybe it was going to Leadville this summer but I've got the urge to try an Ultra. I've done Marathons (doing my 7th on Oct 12th) and Half Ironmans (not since '09 though) and did 1 50K. Whats the best advice on trying to venture into the ultra distance. I'm thinking 50 miler to start.

How long does it take to work up to the distance?

Suggestions on a good first timer race?

Any training tips?

2014-09-23 9:10 PM
in reply to: climbin5414

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St. Joseph, MI
Subject: RE: Got a Bug to try an Ultra
I'm going to jump on board with you on this one. I've also been thinking about going past the marathon distance. I'm not brave enough to hit the 50 miler though and would be happy with a 50K.
2014-09-24 8:18 AM
in reply to: jgs733

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Denver, Colorado
Subject: RE: Got a Bug to try an Ultra

I have done the 50K and I can tell you I trained for it pretty much the same as I would a Marathon and then just ran a little slower. I did the 50K in Ft Worth, well run race although it messes with your head when you pass the mile 25 mark and most people are turning off to finish the Marathon and you still have 6 miles to go.

2014-11-14 9:57 PM
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Wendell, NC
Subject: RE: Got a Bug to try an Ultra
Just throw a couple of back to back LSDs per month in your schedule and you'll enjoy 50 miles. Sounds like you have the base.
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