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Subject: 2015 Ironman Texas Training Plan
2015 Training Package Includes:

18- week detailed training plan
Training Peaks account
Initial session with your coach to determine goals, availability, and special needs.
Monthly consult with your coach
Heart rate zone settings
Infinity Endurance training gear

18-week Program starts on Monday, January 12th, 2015

$265 Nov. 6th- Dec. 1st, 2014
$305, Dec. 2nd through program start
Payments accepted: PayPal/CC, check, cash

My coaching philosophy is built around the principals that have made me the athlete that I am today. Through continuous communication, honest feedback, realistic goals, and hard work, I can help you reach YOUR peak performance.

After surviving melanoma at age 27, I made several realizations about my life. The one quote that resides within me is to "live the life you love, love the life you live." Through this mantra, I try to focus on remaining in the present and to enjoy what is happening now.

In 2010, I started working as a group fitness instructor and leading group triathlon workouts at the YMCA. As I grew as an instructor, I was given the task of leading the Houston Kids Triathlon team and the Summer Youth Triathlon Team. I have been serving the triathlon community as a USA Triathlon Referee for 3 years. Continuing on this path, I recently became a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and I am about to take my Certified Personal Training exam with NASM.

I look forward to sharing my brutal honesty, love of the sport, balance of family/work/fitness, and pride in accomplishment from watching my athletes reach their goals.

Email Coach Trish at [email protected]
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My race report is different. My motivating factors go back seven years. I have lived in denial for seven years. Depression. I registered for Ironman Texas even though I felt like a complete failure.
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Scheduling workouts in the Custom Training Plan Creator for an ideal, balanced, injury-free season
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Using a high-volume schedule for many months is not the best tactic. Build speed and skill several months out, and then transition to a high-volume IM plan.
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In this first part of Training for an Ironman, Jesse Kropelnicki will discuss some Ironman training plan periodization fundamentals.
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This plan is an advanced plan in terms of volume and intensity and appropriate for someone who is looking to go under 5:00 and as fast as 4:30. There isn’t a lot of fluff in the plan.
date : November 20, 2007
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Executing this full Ironman plan for 17 weeks would give people with one Ironman under their belts very good preparation for a 2nd and 3rd. Preferably, you should have a 6:30 or faster HIM time.
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This training plan is written to prepare you for your first Ironman. While just a beginner’s plan, the hours per week start at a significant 8 hours.
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This half Ironman plan covers many weeks of challenging, but attainable training for someone who has some endurance experience, and ideally some Olympic distance races within the past season.