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2015-04-13 7:55 PM
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Subject: RE: First TRI in a week! TERRIFIED
P.s. sorry for the accents, auto correct becomes auto translate on my phone

2015-04-14 12:31 AM
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Subject: RE: First TRI in a week! TERRIFIED
I was there in Napa yesterday with you (over 40 Men's wave) in what was my first triathlon as well. Went into it very apprehensive, but had a blast. I hope your swim went better than mine. I followed the advice that a lot of experienced triathletes had given me, and started at the back and to the side. STILL couldn't avoid a lot of contact in the swim, which threw me off so much, I totally forgot to kick several times. Ended up doing about 1/3 of the swim breast stroke. I too was very (unnecessarily) intimidated by the hills. As you experienced, the road conditions sucked. Got my gearing right on the inclines and was strong into T2. Got off the bike and my legs were SMOKED for the first 1/2 mile. Settled into a nice pace and finished with a smile.

Please share your Napa race experience. How'd it go?
2015-04-14 12:12 PM
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Subject: RE: First TRI in a week! TERRIFIED
I was looking forward to your race report. Understand completely the long time in T1. Lining up for a Tri swim, for those who were never competitive swimmers, takes a lot! LOL on the T exit...I know the feeling...My first tri, I came into a brake squealing crash right into the T2 wooden sign...and now, like all of us, you are hooked. Enjoy the training this summer and especially enjoy the great memories of your first race!

Bill B
2015-04-14 2:26 PM
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Subject: RE: First TRI in a week! TERRIFIED
Originally posted by ghettoflow21

What a great first experience! I'm not sure if this is the right place to have a recap, but i'll put it here.

The swim was definitely the most difficult part of the Tri, it was a wave start for all men 39 and under. The water was definitely cold, but nowhere near as cold as the SF Bay water! My sighting for the swim was awful. If I went more than 4 breaths without stopping to look up I would be pointing completely away from the buoy! This is definitely something that I need to work on for my next tri. However, I felt like my fitness was good enough for the swim. I finished with a time of 24 minutes. Not bad for someone who learned how to swim 3 months ago!

Luckily with the earplugs I didn't experience any type of vertigo coming out of the water, which was a great relief to me! The first transition I definitely didn't have any sense of urgency, and kinda took a break, walking to the bike and toweling off before I started my bike. Unfortunately I completely forgot to put my timing chip back on, but I wouldn't be surprised if that transition was 7-10 min.

The bike ride in retrospect was pretty easy, and I definitely should have pushed myself a lot more, although my legs just weren't there for it. Cardio/lung capacity wise I didn't have a trouble on the bike, but I could definitely tell that I didn't train at all for the bike once I got off of it! My feet were completely numb the entire bike ride, most likely due to the swim. No time on the bike as I did not have the chip on.

The second transition was much faster, as I had the tri shorts on and just changed shoes. However, I did go the wrong way, back to the bike out instead of the run out, which was on the complete opposite side of the transition area! Whoops! I started off the run way too fast. My friend was pacing me and she suggested I slow down, which I definitely did. I was running purely on adrenaline. After the first half mile, my quads started to cramp up, but I was luckily able to run through it and completed the 3 mile run in 27 minutes.

My overall time was 1:58, which I was okay with considering my lack of dedicated training and lackadaisical transitions. Thank you all for the advice, it really helped! My buddy and I signed up for the HIM for the same location for next year (they had a huge discount, so why not?) and an Olympic at the end of August, I think I'm hooked! The whole experience was great and can't wait to train more religiously and see the improvements!

Fantastic. Sounds like you're hooked. I dismounted at the bike 'out' my first time, had trouble finding my rack, and then couldn't find the run 'out' so I'm religious about walking transition before each race and scouting out where exactly all the in's and out's are. And sighting gets better with practice and racing. . . sounds like you're well on your way.

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