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2015-10-06 3:40 PM

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Subject: 70.3 Nutrition Question
I'm doing my 1st HIM in about a month (Austin) and am wondering about how nutrition works on course

1. I ride a road bike and have 2 water bottle cages. I normally fill 1 with water and another with an energy drink of some sort. Am I expected to stop and refill them at the aid stations or should i just buy cheap plastic bottles so I can throw them out and replace them with whatever they're handing out?

2. The race website says they have Gel's and Clif bars. Will these be handed out as I bike or run by? I'd hate to rely on the race for what I need nutrition wise but having never done a race like this I'm wondering if that's the way to go. I don't have a fuel box on my bike so I was planning on stuffing a bunch of food/gels/etc into my tri top.

2015-10-06 5:53 PM
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Denton TX.
Subject: RE: 70.3 Nutrition Question
Yes, get a couple of cheap water bottles. As you get close to the aid stations, you can toss those (designated area) and
volunteers will hold out water/Gatorade bottles for you to grab as you ride by, as well as gels and Clif bars.

Try taping a few gels on your top tube. Just tape the top tab of the gel, so that when you pull it off, it tears open at the top
and its ready to suck down.

I suggest using a training ride to see how the stuffed tri top feels before trying it in a race.

Good luck on your 1st HIM!!!
2015-10-07 6:47 AM
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Cypress, TX
Subject: RE: 70.3 Nutrition Question

Just buy a cheap bento box for your bike.  You can probably get one that velcros to your top tube for $15-$20.

2015-10-07 8:18 AM
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Subject: RE: 70.3 Nutrition Question

I did my first 70.3 about a month ago.  I used two water bottles on my bike, one for nutrition and one for water, and refilled when necessary at the aid stations without any troubles.

For on the bike nutrition (gels) I used this bento box, it's small but it held everything I needed.

There were a lot of volunteers at the aid stations handing out all of the various offerings you could stop or grab as you went by.

Good luck, I hope you have a great race!

2015-10-08 7:20 AM
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Exton, PA
Subject: RE: 70.3 Nutrition Question
HIM- Don't know if you have worked out how much fluid and nutrition you need or not.

This is what I do:
Bike- if its a hot day(over 80°F and up) I will go through 4 bottles on the bike. Sometimes don't finish the last one- it depends on the day.
(with 2 cages) Use some older bike bottles when you get to the aid stations toss the old bottle as your going in, (go too fast!!!) and grab a new bottle from a volunteer. (it helps to point to the person you are going to grab it from)
Do not stop at the aid stations unless you have an issue, this is a huge waste of time and causes congestion/confussion/crashes on the coarse.
If you are not stopping at a particular aid station you still should slow down some be aware of who is around you(front and back).
For gels/energy bars, it's best to use a bento box. cheap ones are about $15-$20, last year I switched to one from 'Dark Speed Works' its more like $45-$50 but worth the money.

Run - I take a couple gels that are on my number belt(put on in T2). other than that all drinks I get on the coarse. The large majority of people will walk some part of the 1/2 marathon. As I see it you might as well walk through the aid stations so you drink and eat a little easier.

I would not:
count on the race for your nutrition- what if they have a different flavor or type of gel then you are used to. does not sound like a big deal until you can't handle it on the coarse and start puking.

I would not stuff gel's (or anything) down your tri top; first it will be inconvenient; second you will have major chaffing from that; third it will get nasty in there.

Good luck, enjoy the race
2015-10-08 8:59 AM
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Subject: RE: 70.3 Nutrition Question
Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely buy a cheap nutrition box for my bike. Now that I think about it, I guess there's a reason Bonk Breaker or Gu don't make a sweat flavor!

2015-10-08 9:49 AM
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Melbourne FL
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Subject: RE: 70.3 Nutrition Question

Be aware that if you toss your cheap bottles for the ones they hand out, they may not fit in your bottle cage.  My last HIM race the water bottle were skinny and I heard a guy complaining that the bottles don't fit properly in his cage.  I didn't have an issue as I have a BTA bottle to refill on my TB.

Amount of fluids is typically governed by the temp/humidity.  I'm usually around 20-24 oz per hour.

Definitely a bento box on the bike, I have the DSW 483 unit, it can hold a lot.

In the past I have used the Cranksports eGel they are about 50% larger with 150 cal per packet., less packets to carry.

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