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2015-11-08 6:17 PM

Subject: 2nd half Mary done some questions
Finished my second HM today and wanted to first day thanks to everyone for all the ideas and thoughts I have been able to absorb over time as I am still quite the beginner

Question. I used Map my run on my phone to track mileage and pace throughout the race and noticed after mile 1 the distance calcs went off from the course info by quite a bit. In fact when I finished the race it said I had done 13.56 miles as opposed to the 13.1. Any idea on how there can be that much discreoancy and is it possible that there is a discrepancy between my training run distance and actual distance as well ? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I was really proud of myself for resisting temptation to push pace at the beginning and did well at thinking to just run comfortable. I was able to do this and was able to complete my goal of running the whole race without walking. All my training runs around mile 8 or 9 I would fall apart and slow down from my original pace. I was happy to be very consistent on my spirit times from start to finish. I did my first half in late July and improved my time by 27 mins over that one so I was really excited about that.

I have been running for less than a year and really want to get my time below 2 hrs ( today was 230). At some point I want to do a full but don't want to even go that route before I better my run fitness and get my times down.

2015-11-08 9:28 PM
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Subject: RE: 2nd half Mary done some questions
Congrats on the race and your improvements! One of the things that causes discrepancies is that you probably aren't running the tangents in the race. When they measure the course they are taking the most direct line between two points. If you're zig-zagging in traffic or swinging wide around corners you're adding additional distance.
2015-11-08 10:08 PM
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Subject: RE: 2nd half Mary done some questions
Yeah, that's definitely not a discrepancy I'd be super happy with, that said, based on the course, they tend to be measured as the shortest possible routes, all best lines/tangents etc. which in practice is difficult to get perfect.

There can also be a bit of just plain old error with gps as well, since the straight lines are the shortest, if the gps signal isn't perfect, then small errors can slowly add up to quite a bit of distance.

Last, is it a certified course? I've definitely ran my share of certified and non-certified courses, and generally the non certified courses are ok being a little long, but will make sure not to be too short at all, plus simply having one turnaround in the wrong spot can throw things off by a lot.

2015-11-09 5:22 AM
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Subject: RE: 2nd half Mary done some questions
I read somewhere that phone apps are not as accurate as a dedicated watch in tracking distances. I have a couple of distance races still saved on my Timex; for the HM it shows me having run 13.11 miles, and for the Full, 26.31.

Congrats on your improvement! Throw some regular speed work into your training and you'll see more improvement. My daughter went from 2:50 to 2:17 merely by running more (coupled with some better racing weather), and then to 2:02 with the addition of speedwork on the treadmill.
2015-11-09 5:47 AM
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Subject: RE: 2nd half Mary done some questions
Go look at the map from your recorded run. See if it zig zags across the road throughout your run. Using GPS on my phone to record runs I'll get that a lot as opposed to garmin to watch.
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