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Subject: Open Water Swim Practice
Swimming in open water is very different from swimming in a pool. It is highly beneficial to incorporate open water swimming into your training regimen to ensure you’re adequately prepared for your event. Whether you’re training for your first sprint or an Ironman, we recommend getting in as much open water swim practice as you can!

Empire Tri Club is hosting a series of open water swim clinics this summer. Please join us and get all the info and practice you’ll need to feel ready on race day! Our clinics fulfill the Panasonic NYC Triathlon swim requirement: will be held from 8am- 10am at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY on the following dates: 6/12, 6/26, 7/10 and 8/7.

Athletes of all abilities are welcome to attend. Each 2-hour clinic will include lots of helpful open water tips, information, Q&A with coaches, open water swim instruction, and a mock triathlon swim where you'll get to experience what a mass triathlon swim is like! Last year we had 80 athletes at each event. For more information please contact or visit

Alison Kreideweis
Co-Founder, Coach
Empire Tri Club
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