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Subject: New saddle ISM PN 1.1 - 1st ride not soo good
So i started to look into a new saddle after getting some soreness (had old Tri saddle for 4 yrs) and decided on the ISM PN 1.1. I wanted to follow my IM plan so the 1st real ride after installing and making adjustments was 6 hr/116 miles. Mistake. It seems like a really good seat, but the changes that i made before & during the ride were not enough and needs to be re-adjusted. Not only is the location of where your bottom contacts the seat but the other angles made me struggle throughout the ride. Once that started to happen, all i wanted to do was finish the ride and i did not complete my brick after. I felt beat up and did not want to risk more pain. I felt lotsa tension in upper body & neck...too tall & forward. Interesting how small changes make huge differences.

So, Note to self - Not only should you not try anything new during a race, but don't try anything new during those long haul workouts! Timing new equipment is a consideration (plan during lower volume days...not weekends for me).
I do like the concepts for the seat and will post a follow up after a few more rides if interest.

2016-07-05 8:11 AM
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Ottawa, Ontario
Subject: RE: New saddle ISM PN 1.1 - 1st ride not soo good
Getting a new saddle often means adjusting seat height as well, and playing with the fore/aft position as well as the angle of the saddle. It can be a long process with plenty of trial and error and tweaking. Sounds like you could have other fit issues as well and might want to consider getting a proper bike fit so you know your stack/reach and saddle position are all playing well together.
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Subject: RE: New saddle ISM PN 1.1 - 1st ride not soo good
Well first off, it is always going to take some adjustment for your body to get to use to any saddle. With that being said, finding saddles can be expensive and time-consuming process. I have been working with Cobb Cycling for a few years, but have been on their saddles since 2009. They make fantastic saddles and have one that can fit nearly everyone. In addition, they have a 90-day trial period so it isn't an expensive process if the saddle doesn't work out for you. Best part is you can give them a call, describe your riding style and goals, and they generally recommend the saddle in their line up that would work best for you.

You can always find a 10% off coupon on my personal website if you are ever interested.
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The ISM Adamo Racing Saddle is difficult to define. It doesn’t look like a bicycle saddle. It doesn’t mount like a bicycle saddle. And yet, it does feel like a bicycle saddle.