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2016-08-29 6:48 AM


Subject: Skin care

Hello all, I'm a basketball player. I use to practice and work out a lot of the competitions in our university. This has really damaged my skin, and now they appear very tanned. There are brown marks on my skin, and they are not vanishing even after usage of skin care products.. Is this treatment safe for skin? What skin care techniques do you employ while working out in sun?

2016-08-29 4:04 PM
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Brooklyn, New York
Subject: RE: Skin care
I really don't use any of the lotions for skin you find in drug stores. They're usually mineral oil based with minimally natural ingredients and not to mention parabens and chemicals.

I use and use often:

Almond Oil (pure)
Cocoa Butter ( I melt it down myself and apply)
Shea Butter (ditto^
Coconut Oil (Sometimes)
I do also use Vitamin E oil from time to time.

I marvel at the effects of them all for skin hydration (you can buy glycerin and mix it with the above in small amounts for dry dry skin)
I find almond oil to be a very effective toning agent especially on the face
Shea and Cocoa butter are great for the whole body

PS.....unsure how old you are but anything on the skin that's questionable go to a dermatologist and get checked to be sure**

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2016-08-31 3:18 PM
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Straight outta Compton
Subject: RE: Skin care
You need to wear sunscreen.

For the existing spots, Bio Oil works really well. It'll take about a year of regular application, but the stuff is great. I think it's also called Pure-Cellin oil.
2016-11-09 1:41 AM
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Subject: RE: Skin care
For sports minded people, it's best to apply SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen. This is designed for all skin type. One must take utmost care of your skin while being physically active by drinking a lot of water and wearing protective clothing and gears too.
2017-01-21 12:31 AM
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Subject: RE: Skin care
Hi there, skin treatment is good and they remove tan from the skin I use sunscreen, scarf and sunglasses in sunlight.
2017-01-27 11:13 PM
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Subject: RE: Skin care
Skin type differs from person to person, so it would be better if you consult a dermatologist to select the best sunscreen products according to your skin type. I generally prefer SPF lotions and creams which suits my skin.

2017-03-24 4:29 AM
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Subject: RE: Skin care
I would recommend you to use bio oil.
2017-04-01 5:49 AM
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Subject: RE: Skin care
If you are practicing outdoors, be sure to moisturize your skin
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