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2017-02-12 8:36 AM

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Subject: Increased running impacting my ride
I am a poor runner working to become fair, which is the best I will ever be (age and multiple surgeries). I am beginning to see some small gains. I am running a little faster, am far less sore after a run and my recovery is no longer twice as long as any other workout. All good things. However, I am finding my legs far more fatigued when I do a ride workout.

This increase in running is just since the beginning of the year. So my question is, will this normalize over time or is this just a sacrifice I have to live with? I am ramping up slowly on the run so if it will level out, any idea how long I can expect to wait before a ride the day after a run is back t a normal ride?

This may be way to specific to the person and not the general population but I thought I would ask.


2017-02-13 4:32 PM
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Subject: RE: Increased running impacting my ride
My experience is that once you stop adding running miles and level off, your bike strength will come back within a few weeks.
2017-02-13 4:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Increased running impacting my ride
I'm older too and in the same boat. It takes time until you build up sufficient endurance. Making sure your runs are at an easy pace helps.
2017-02-15 3:25 PM
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Subject: RE: Increased running impacting my ride
Probably a bunch of different variables, but I'll talk about the ones that affect me the most.

It depends on what zones you plan on doing your workouts in. I attempted to do a homebrewed plan last year that focused on running, but I could never get the right balance in my schedule and just remained constantly drained. Now I bought a training peaks plan and I'm currently riding and running more than I did then, but I feel much better throughout the week. I spend a lot more time in z1 and z2 than I did before with a few dedicated intervals in higher zones. Make sure your recovery sessions are recovery and not too hard or you won't be able to do push hard when you need to.
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