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2017-05-01 9:37 AM
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Whispering Pines, North Carolina
Subject: RE: Upcoming Races
Originally posted by qrkid

Originally posted by d00d

Originally posted by tjones2k9

Last minute sign up for Beaverdam. Just got back in the pool after a month of not swimming. Not a great idea. Should be an interesting race! Haha

Looks like White Lake was tough for you guys this year? Fresh pavement though?

There were a few areas of fresh pavement, but many others where the pavement was rough. Some parts of the road were rippled, if that makes sense. Made for a rough ride over those sections. Not an overall bad ride, but not great.

The run is where dreams went to was warm.

Whatever. Your run didn't do no dying. It looked pretty solid to me.

haha, i suffered! i promise! had a mini-meltdown at mile 5.

how goes it, man? have you had a chance to get back to some training? are you racing anytime soon?

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