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2017-06-11 1:52 PM


Subject: Fatigue on the Run
Hi. I'm not a beginner but I have what I feel like is a beginner issue. My training for some sprints this season has gone well. I'm pushing myself by doing bricks regularly but I'm also getting two days of rest per week. My first race was yesterday. It went well until the run when my sense of fatigue was so great I had to walk several times. Some muscular fatigue in my legs but a more significant sense of, "I'm so tired I have to walk." What's going on? What can I do differently? Any ideas?

2017-06-11 3:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Fatigue on the Run
Swam to hard and/or over biked?
2017-06-11 5:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Fatigue on the Run
Yep, my money is on over biked! I made this mistake A LOT early on, felt I had the fitness to Push the bike a little harder then found myself falling a part on the run. I was easily doing stand alone 5k's under 21:00 but would come in over 24:00 in a race. Once I changed focus from being a heavy run focus and putting more focus on the bike, both disciplines improved.
2017-06-11 7:40 PM
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Subject: RE: Fatigue on the Run
I will also vote for cooking your legs on the bike. When I first started, I thought the only way to go fast was to be in the big chain ring and a small gear. I was mashing so hard that I was stretching my chain at about half the normal mileage. It was finally my mechanic that said, "Dude, you got to spin a little more." Once I switched to a higher cadence and a lower gear, my bike speed improved and I felt like I had energy in my legs for the run. The other major change I made was making sure to get about 45 seconds to a minute of high cadence spinning right before T2.
2017-06-12 9:07 AM
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Subject: RE: Fatigue on the Run
Originally posted by [email protected]

I'm pushing myself by doing bricks regularly but I'm also getting two days of rest per week.

In addition to the above (which is likely most of the answer; swam and/or bike too hard), it looks like your training is likely sub-optimal. Likely better with fewer bricks, one (or zero rest days per week) and, although I might be reading too much into the statement, less pushing yourself regularly.

2017-06-13 4:41 PM
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Subject: RE: Fatigue on the Run

"I'm pushing myself by doing bricks regularly" I didn't do a lot bricks, maybe the last 2-4 weeks before a race that's it and once a week.  Several years ago I found a neat 3x brick workout for sprints, modified the bike part a bit as I did it a few times.

I'll go with others that you cooked the bike.  Been there done that, even walked 9 miles of a HIM due to it once, but had a nice bike time on a tough course!

I found as stated above, more I focused on the bike the "easier" the run became.  I use to do the BT cycling program on the trainer using virtual power 3x per week with a long outdoor weekend ride for training.  Made some awesome gains doing it.

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