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Subject: Hello!
Hi All, thought I'd drop in a quick hello. I've been around the site a bit in the past but not engaged. thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. I'm in the Bay Area and just started triathlon training this past season. I started training in April to get back into shape, worried that I was passing the point of no return (42 yo) and having always wanted to do this. I've always battled a lot of injuries whenever I tried running and really struggled with it, so I thought if I balanced it with swimming and biking. I had a pretty great early summer, my first swim in April was 333 yards in 15 minutes and I was cooked. Unfortunately I had surgery in August and hurt my foot (unrelated to training) and really took steps back, but am picking back up now. I did manage to finish the Oakland Triathlon in late August and was pretty happy with placing basically 10/21in my age group. Honestly, finishing that race on a bad foot in that time was one of the best feelings of accomplishments I've ever had. definitely caught the bug.

I signed up with a friend to do IM 70.3 Santa Rosa in July and am really excited for the training this season. I'm taking this fall now to just build back a solid low mileage stable base of running and swim technique (I've managed to get my distance times to 2:00/100y but I'm fighting the water).

So, that's my story. excited for this next season to come.

A quick side question for anyone with experience... I want to do an Olympic event before the 70.3. Is 4 weeks as a test event too close to the 70.3 to be effective? Should I do something earlier? I was hoping to find something nearby in early-mid June as a tune-up but the only event is late June and I'm worried it won't give me enough recovery time for the IM 70.3 (last weekend of July). thanks!


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Subject: RE: Hello!
Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story!

If you follow your training plan for the 70.3, you should be OK, regardless of other races. But look at your training plan ... if your peak week is the same as the Olympic (it might be) you don't want to sacrifice your peak week of 70.3 training for a short race. You would be better off getting in your 3.5 hour bike ride one day and long run the next day, rather than scuttle that to do an Olympic.

(Others may disagree.)

There is definitely a lot of value in doing another triathlon beforehand, because your body needs to experience being out there for a long time, waiting around for the race to start, getting your nutrition right, doing all three sports back-to-back, etc.

You could stage your own Olympic race, self supported, from home, and try to imitate the conditions of the race. That way you can plug it into your training when it fits better, instead of when someone is putting on a race. I have to say I'm surprised there aren't any Olympic races in California closer to the beginning of the year. You checked our calendar and TriFind? (
2017-10-22 8:21 PM
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Subject: RE: Hello!
thanks for the feedback. Want to do something more structured than my own and no good local races that I've seen in the right timeline. Alternative might be doing the HITS Napa in late April or Wildflower Festival in early May. Both harder to get to and earlier than I'd like, but possibilities.

but for now. spending the next two-three months on swim technique and bike/run base.
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