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2017-11-01 7:51 PM

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Subject: Return to Ironman After 18 Years
Hi Kids,

After a brief hiatus from the sport of triathlon, brief as in 18 years, I've decided to once again take on the challenge of Ironman. In 2000 I completed Ironman Florida, but after that the flame kinda burned out. Career, family, moves, other interests took centre stage.

I haven't been a total couch potato, I did an ultra marathon a couple of years ago, kept up my biking, but mostly I have been windsurfing surfing, and SUPing. You know, having fun.

I have a framed picture from Ironman Florida. My wife hung it on the wall in the porch, and I walk by it almost every day, reminding me of one of the hardest most rewarding single day events I have accomplished. Raising our two daughters is the most rewarding, but it's been a long road.

The last two years the call of the Ironman keeps getting louder in my head, and I'm at the stage in my life where it just seems right. I'm old, the kids are teenagers, and I seem to have more time on my hands. Getting old has it's rewards, you're wide awake at 5am everyday.

This fall I sold my motorcycle, my windsurfing gear, and basically gutted the garage in an effort to simplify my life. The surf SUP is staying because riding waves is my first love. Plus the winter season has the best waves, so it doesn't interfere with the triathlon spring/ summer big mileage months.

Looking back the gutting of the garage was maybe a way of getting rid of certain distractions so I can stay focused on Ironman training. I tend to get out of the blocks great, but can get distracted. If you ever seen the Monty Python Olympic skit, "the 100 yard dash for people with no sense of direction" As in, put in 3 months of training to have it go off the rails after agreeing to team up with a buddy to ride adventure motorcycles to Alaska for a month. It's happened.

This time though I think it's different, it feels different, more permanent. I want my kids to see this one, feel the energy at Ironman. Maybe have one or both of them be inspired enough to do one, or do something as incredible or better.

I am starting from scratch again, a beginner, with a somewhat OK base. My memories of 2000 are vague, but I did do this before and I know I can do it again, even with a slightly more used up body. What I lack in youth I can make up for with wisdom. Or at least hope so. Train smart......right.

I have a 24-week Masters (40+, when did I get so old) Ironman training program.

The other piece of the puzzle, and it's a big piece, was getting the green light from my wife. That poor woman has put up with 18 years of my ideas, adventures, and craziness. After the IMF 2000, she said "that is the last.....right?" I mumbled something that resembled a yes. Since then it has been, marathons, surf trips, motorcycle trips to remote far away lands, and ultra marathons.

I told her today I wanted to do Ironman Mont Tremblant next August, and that I had already made hotel reservations in the Village, and that the whole family should go. To my surprise she said "sounds fun!" That took me completely out of left field because I had a whole speech prepared to try and convince her that it was a good thing, etc, etc.

So if you are in the same boat as I, it helps to pick an Ironman locale that is really nice, and in our case, only a days drive away. Plus if there is an Ikea and a Lululemon along the way all the better. I do have three women in the house.

That's it, time to get back into the swing of it again. Already have a week and half of running and biking in. Hitting the pool and weight room next week. Going slow and patient.

If anyone else is planning IMMT next year I'd love to hear from ya.


2017-11-01 9:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Return to Ironman After 18 Years
Congrats and welcome back! What a great story!
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