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2017-11-07 1:20 PM

San Jose
Subject: Felt Bayonet aerobar extension clamp
Wanting to make sure that anyone with a Felt Bayonet aero bar is aware of a new style of extension clamp (v3) to replace the original style (v2) There has been discussion on another forum regarding issues of the v2 clamp breaking on multiple riders. Felt will replace the v2 clamp with the more robust v3 clamp for no charge, but has to be done through your LBS. While I did not have a failure, my LBS was able to get a replacement for my IA10, and for a Bayonet 3 I put on another bike. I chose to be proactive in replacing my clamps, as I don't care to experience an aerobar snapping off.

Felt has not issued a recall, and only through word of mouth has this gotten around. This is the note from Felt regarding the clamps:

"In our experience in working with consumers on an individual basis regarding issues involving the Bayonet 3 aerobar assembly, the primary cause has been improper installation. To simplify the installation process and improve the overall setup, as some of you have noted, Felt developed a new bracket system and accompanying hardware to alleviate any potential issues such as have been described in this forum thread. Here is how you can tell whether or not you have the updated bracket: (see attached)

Authorized Felt retailers have these new brackets available or available to them, so if you’re interested in an upgrade, contact your authorized Felt dealer for ordering information. This will be provided free of charge.

Finally, there are many terrific bicycle mechanics who produce great work. But we strongly encourage all riders to seek out an authorized Felt retailer for work on their IA Series, DA Series, or any other Felt bike. Missing components such as washers, incorrect bolt sizes, improper torque settings, or any other deviations from the manufacturer’s specifications can result in suboptimal performance, including causing the bracket or the aerobar to come loose or even break. All information regarding the proper installation and adjustment of all Felt bicycles can be found at the following link:].Any and all work performed on your Felt bike, whether by the rider or a bike shop, should adhere to the requirements outlined in the manuals and technical documents.

We strongly recommend ensuring that your bike is safe to operate before each and every ride. This includes checking tire pressure, looking for any loose bolts, inspecting your brakes, etc. Generally speaking, it’s good practice to take your bike to an authorized dealer regularly to ensure it’s in proper working order, the frequency of which depends on how often and the conditions in which you ride. Sweat and riding near saltwater conditions can corrode parts on your bike, so these factors are cause for shorter intervals between professional services. Every rider’s sweat rate and the frequency by which they ride near saltwater is unique, so again, we advise checking your bike for rust on a regular basis and consulting with your authorized Felt dealer if you have any questions.

For more specific information or questions, our customer service team is ready to assist you. Please contact them at [email protected]"

2017-11-08 9:14 PM
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Subject: RE: Felt Bayonet aerobar extension clamp
I have a Felt B2 with a Bayonet system. I am not sure what part this is you are referring to. I had a couple swapped out when I had the bike professional fit so I wonder if I have originals.

Google search doesn't narrow down what we are talking about.
2017-11-09 9:00 PM
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San Jose
Subject: RE: Felt Bayonet aerobar extension clamp
This is for at least the Bayonet 3 aerobar, which can be purchased by itself, or came on the IA series bikes. The clamp is the clamp that holds the extensions onto the basebar.


Brackets_Bayonet3.jpg (133KB - 18 downloads)
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