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Subject: sdalcher Beginning Tri Group - Open
We will focus on the basics of triathlon with an easy Q&A for any questions about Triathlon in general. My fiance will also weigh in on nutrition questions as this is what she does for a living. Triathlon can be a very intimidating sport to initially start as there are many acronyms, jargon, rules and best practices. I was mentored by several different athletes and they made the sport so much easier and understandable. This is my goal for you, to help you understand the sport and enjoy every minute of it.

sdalcher Beginning Tri Group

Who am I?
I started triathlon four years ago (this will be my fourth year as a triathlete) because it sounded like a very cool sport and I love a challenge.I started with just sprint distance triathlons to gauge my interest and aptitude. After the first race I was hooked! I have participated in a lot of different sports over the years and the environment surrounding a triathlon was completely different from any other sport in a very positive way! In my experience triathletes are an awesome group of competitors. I am still constantly amazed at the level of encouragement that one receives in training and on the course from fellow athletes. It is very common for athletes to give encouragement as they pass you and as they are passed by you. In my experience I have only met one triathlete that I thought was a bit elitist, not to say that they aren't out there but by and large triathletes are a great group of people.

I did two years of only racing sprint tris. I wanted to go up in distance but I was still a little intimidated. Last year I decided to go for broke, I was going to complete a half-iron distance race. I raced about a dozen races last year and completed two half-iron distance races. I teach health, wellness and fitness courses at Ball State University as an adjunct faculty since 2004. My specialty is adult learn to swim. Adults are by far the most difficult group to teach as they have a lifetime of bad habits and perceptions that must in most cases be modified. My doctorate is in adult education and I thoroughly enjoy opening new realms of experience for adult learners.

I am engaged to an amazing athlete who also is a beginning triathlete. her name is Paula and she is a nutrition guru and she helps me with my day to day nutrition as well as pre-race nutrition. Paula will drop in frequently to weigh in in nutrition questions. I have one daughter who is 26 and is a crossfitt athlete and I have two other children 14 & 15 who to date have no athletic interest.

I train 3-5 days a week as I can fit time into my schedule. Training for sprint distances really does not require a great deal of training, however as I am now training for full iron distance events in 2018 my training will be more intense. I will be training 12-15 hours per week and sometimes more. I will share my Garmin Connect Data as well as Strava data.

I completed about a dozen races last year, mostly triathlons with a few other events thrown in. I completed several sprint races, an olmpic distance race and two half-iron distance races as well as 5K races and a half-marathon. I used the available races as training events for my one goal race of the season Ironman Muncie 70.3.. This worked very well for me as I treated the other races as brick workouts (brick is where you combine 2 or more disciplines into one workout).

2018 RACES
Like last year I am planning numerous smaller races as brick workouts as I train for my goal or "A" race for 2018 which is IM Florida 140.2. My schedule as set so far will be:
Boiler Sprint, West Lafayette, IN April 8
Spring Sprint Triathlon, Muncie, IN April 28
IM Gulfcoast 70.3, Panama City, FL May 12
MuncieMan 70.3, Muncie, IN JUne 9
IM Muncie 70.3, Muncie, IN July 14
Zoom Multisport Hueston Woods, Oxford, OH August 26
Zoom Multisport Columbus Tri, Columbus, OH September 16
My "A" Race for the year! IM Florida, Panama City, FL November 3
I will be adding other races in as time permits as I will add in a few half-marathons and several shorter events. I will also be incorporating several long distance rides; to include 2 century rides (100+ miles) and several half-century rides (50 miles).

I medically retired from the Army in 2015 and through the two year process I had gained a great deal of weight through lack of exercise, medications and stress. I am 6'2" tall and weighed 250 lbs when I began my triathlon journey. I currently weigh 210 lbs and I am expecting to achieve a race weight of 190lbs. It is amazing how much difference dropping even 5lbs can make in your ability to perform in training and racing. For those looking to loose some pounds it is a combination of more selective eating and drinking as well as gradually increasing your physical activity.

I have gained a lot of experience yet I am still fresh enough to vividly remember what it's like to start the sport, begin the first race and develop my own personal racing and training style. I have a great deal of experience teaching adults in the fitness arena and my specialty is the swim, which holds the most trepidation for many athletes. Most athletes just hope to successfully complete the swim, some hope to simply survive the swim, my goals is for you to exit the swim in a relaxed state so that you can begin the bike leg full of energy.

2018-01-11 5:23 AM
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Subject: RE: sdalcher Beginning Tri Group - Open
Hi there!

I hope you're well!

A little about myself is that I'm a 23 year old male working 9-5 as a Mental Health Therapist in the UK! I find exercise a really useful outlet and am progressively working my way up the fitness ladder!

In 2015 I also lost 48lbs!

My experience:

- Completed 5 Half marathons
- Completed 1 Marathon
- Completed 1 Sprint Triathlon.

My running experience is relatively strong, yet I'm a particularly nervous and inexperienced cyclist but do feel my swimming is improving and so I feel some of your coaching and experience would be of great benefit for this! I'm not interested in being in the front of the pack, but essentially would like to enjoy my training as well as my race-day experience. I only ever compare myself to myself!

Current Training: 3x swimming per week (1000m each), 1x run (45 mins) and inconsistently 2x 30minute cycles on indoor trainer

Goals for 2018: To complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon in May/June. To complete another Olympic Tri in September beating the first experience time.

How would it be best to move forward in regards to this? Looking forward to working with you!
2018-02-26 8:12 PM
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Subject: RE: sdalcher Beginning Tri Group - Open

I put my money where my mouth is and upgraded to Gold membership today.  I am committed to the Lumberjack Tri (sprint) in August this summer.

Two weeks after that, it is my plan to celebrate my 60th birthday by bicycling the 61 miles of the Pine Creek Rails-to-Trails bike path from Ansonia to Jersey Shore, PA.

I am trying to bring back the old Clydesdale/Athena Tri-ing for Weight Loss group.  feel free to stop over and check it out.  Right no w I'm about as successful as you, there are two of us there also.  Robin and I have been Tri-buddies off and on for about five years now.  I did two sprints in 2012.  Had surgery on my left arm in 2013, surgery on my left knee in 2014, and right rotator cuff in 2015.  Thought I would get back into it in 2016 but I allowed my new career as a HS Science teacher get in the way and wasn't taking time for myself.  That changed two weeks ago and I started real training, according to a plan, today.

Hopefully both of our threads will catch on.  I'll be back later.

2018-04-04 7:28 PM
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Subject: RE: sdalcher Beginning Tri Group - Open

I had the "end of the marking period" crunch, last minute homeworks being turned in and graded, lots of religious activities (Catholic school), and of course, Easter break.  I was a little busy.

BUT, I did not let that stop me from squeezing my workouts.  I finished March exactly on pace.  I had never followed a plan before and the idea of a "recovery week" was total anathema to a hard charging Marine, even an old one.  But I think I could learn to appreciate those weeks.

For all of March I only got to get my bike out for two real road rides.  Can somebody explain something to me?  How is it possible, on an out and back course, to have to work against a headwind BOTH ways!?

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